Exploring the Deep (Part 1)

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Exploring the Deep.

Part 1

A fisherman told me he saw some scrolls at the Sons of the Sea in Trinsic.

It was the guild of fishermen building near the docks.

I found three pieces of paper inside the building and started to read them.


Trinsic Tribune #172

Elise Trent

*Much of the newspaper is gone, but a portion still remains, with only one fully intact article, entitled ‘Trinsic Migration’.*

Though our fair city of Trinsic has share of those born and bred here, it also has a high influx of visitors…some of whom end up settling here for good.As part of a renewed piece of human interests,we took to a short interview with one of those such people, to find out what had brought him to Trinsic and what kept him here. His name is Hepler Paulson, and he recently started working as a dockworker here at the Sons of the Sea, and we caught up with him to ask him a few questions.

Elise Trent: So what was it that initially brought you to Trinsic, and what were you doing before that?

Hepler Paulson: Well, It was alcohol that brought me here, and involved with what I was doing previously, mostly. I was crewing with the Ararat, and we were mostly running Rum and Liquor from Nujel’m to Trinsic. It was a regular old run, but the Cap’n had gotten a few too many sheets to the wind…took it out on anyone in his sight, in a bit too far of a manner for my tasting. Despite the pay, I’d had enough at the time, and wanted something else. It just so happened the Sons of the Sea were hiring, and here I am.

ET: And do you plan to stay in Trinsic for long?

HP: Initially it was just to get back on my feet…but I think i’ve found a few more reasons to stay than I initially had.

ET: If you don’t mind, what might those reasons be?

HP,with a grin: The main one would be working over at The Pearl of Trinsic, but it’s a bit early to say more than that.

ET: Well, that’s wonderful.How do you find living in the city?

HP: Trinsic’s been kinder to me than any other place I’ve lived…And its got this wonderful breeze going trough that on a hot summer day makes it worth working here at the docks.

With that, Hepler had to get back to working, but we have a bit of insight into the mindsetof one of our city’s newest editions.



Trinsic Tribune #204

Elise Trent

*A small portion of another issue of the Trinsic Tribune remains, with one sloppily circled article in the announcements section.*

Sally Perron and Hepler Paulson have announced their intention to be married two months from today, at the Shrine of Compassion, Saturday afternoon 8 PM. The couple invites family, friends, and well-wishers to attend as able.



Trinsic Tribune #209

Elise Trent

*A much wrinkled and stained portion of this paper lies amidst the rest of them*

The recent attack and invasion by the arisen abomination that was once the paladin known as Juo’nar has resulted in dozens of dead and hundreds missing. If you have any information as to the whereabouts or circumstances connected with the names of the missing listed below, please send it to the Trinsic Tribune’s temporary quarters in the Sweet Dreams Inn, Britain.

Isaiah Bronson

Avery Smith

Valerie Vasheri

Aaron DeBlood

Aimee DeBlood

Wallace Perron

Sally Perron

Jonas Venture

Finn Blakely

*The rest of the paper is missing*


I found Hepler Paulson infront of the Sons of the Sea.


After we start talking he told me some interesting things.




I’m not much of a fishermen but he convinced me to buy several salvage hooks from him.


After renting a small ship I sailed a little outside of Trinsic harbor into the deepwater.

I trowed a hook in the water and watched it go down.

I must have disturbed something below the sea and some kraken ,seaserpents and water elementals attacked me.


It is a good thing I always come prepared to fight!

After several attempts something else came up with the hook.


Maybe this was something Hepler wanted to see, and I headed back to Trinsic.

I showed him the remains of the shipwreck.



I thanked Hepler for the information and I headed to the capital city.

I don’t travel much to East Britain, so it took me a while to find the master tinkers house.

I knocked at the door…


It looked like the house was empty.

Upstairs I found some strange clothing , a book and some schematics.




Cousteau Perron

*There are dozens of extremely detailed schematic drawings along the edges of the paper, and mixed throughout the notes. the writing seems somewhat disjointed, and the hand it’s written in is a very jagged and harsh one;*

Pressure differentialneeds to be overcome to ensure test subject survival. Initial attempts resulted in implosion twice, leaks and catastophic failure five times. Cold temperature survival gear. Research suitable material. Homogenous distribution necessitated to maximize survival…supply carrying object? Possibly some sort of air elemental hybrid magic utilizing clockwork principles…


I looked inside the book on the table.


I am not the smartest person around, but I do know only one place with so many frost creatures.

I had to travel to the Ice Dungeon!

I searched the whole dungeon but could not find this master tinker… Maybe she was not inside…i took the exit from the dungeon that leads to the snow area of the lost lands.

There she was!


She looked a little surprised to see me.




I agreed to help and I headed back into the dungeon.

After fighting a few spiders and ratman I found some strange crystals north where a arctic ogre lord lives.

When i came near them a ice wyrm appeared.


A day without fighting for me is like a day… Actualy there are no days without a fight!

After defeating the ice wyrm I cut some scales from him.


I went back to Cousteau Perron and gave her the scales.


To Be Continued

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