Minax’s Plan

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Author:  EM Drosselmeyer

The crystal crackled and sputtered in her hands as she poured her considerable magic into it, causing the ground around her to tremble with the power…but soon enough it calmed, and nothing had happened. She had assumed as much might happen…a focal point was needed, and the crystal alone couldn’t do it. It needed something stronger, something more powerful…and that was when she thought of the perfect spot. And the best part was, almost nobody was ever there. With a wicked smile adorning her face, she gestured over to Shanty. “Attend me, Shanty; I may have need of your particular brand of persuasion if we run into trouble.”

A dark, guttural chuckle came forth from the slightly heavyset man, as he drew a large cutlass glittering with magical enchantments. “As yer wish, m’lady. Ah live ter serve, yer know…’specially when it mean gettin’ ter ‘ave a little fun with ol’ Sharkbite ‘ere.” His tone was affectionate as he patted the flat of the blade along one shoulder for emphasis. A wave of her hands and with the chanting of the words of power, a red moongate opened up, and the duo passed through to their destination.

“Poor ol’ bard…bad day ter go ou’ sightseein’.” Shanty grumbled as he came back to see the Lady setting up the crystal carefully, some of the bard’s blood still on him as he wiped Sharkbite off with an oil cloth. “So, what is it yer up ter up there? Not tha’ I need ter know, but if yer need help…” He left it open ended, as she stood up from what she was doing.

“While I appreciate your offer, Shanty, magic isn’t one of your strong suits…”

“Yer got me there, m’lady.” Keeping the cutlass out, he checked it’s edge…despite not needing to, the enchantments keeping it’s serrated edge razor sharp perpetually. “Ah’ll jes’ do what Ah do best ‘en.” He stepped heavily over to the steps and pulled a slightly dingy orange out, peeling it with his bloodied fingers nonchalantly and taking a bite from it as he did. “Yer jes’ yell if yer need me, m’lady.”

Grinning to herself at Shanty’s antics, she turned to admire her handiwork. The gem lay at what might be one of the strongest focusing chambers…even if it wasn’t typically used for this kind of focusing and reflection. Held in place by a powerful spell, the gem lay at the center of the mirrors she’d finished repositioning. “Showtime…” She said softly to herself, before chanting words of power in combinations unheard of since before Nystul’s vanishing. The room trembled with magical power, the entire structure itself shuddering under the immense forces tearing through it’s very core, before a hideous cracking noise was heard, as if the entire building was being torn asunder.

Shanty heard the noise and whirled his head, seeing an intensified glare of power flaring out of the windows of the lighthouse, the only sound over that of magical energy is her voice chanting those words, and finally ending with a cackling of successful laughter. The storm of energy howls even louder to drown her out for just a moment, before all suddenly goes quiet, and the light vanishes.

Stepping gingerly outside, the Lady smiles as she walks out with the crystal in tow, tucking it into her pouch. “This will do nicely…and should be quite amusing at the same time. Let’s see what other mischief we can get up to, Shanty.”

“Yer got it, m’lady. Yer payin’ me enough an’ providin’ me wif more amusemen’ ‘en Ah’ve seen in years…so yer jes’ lead the way.”
With a smile she chanted the words again, a new moongate opening before her. “And Shanty…call me by my name. I’ve been hiding for long enough, I think.”

“Yer go’ it, m’lady…err…Lady Minax.”

With that, they stepped through the gate and vanished, leaving behind only the repositioned mirrors and a body carried away by the ocean to have proven their presence at the great Lighthouse.

Last modified: October 31, 2013

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