QA5 – Stephen “Bleak” Brown – Software Engineer

February 17, 2012 By: Lady Tia Category: Ask & Answer

A Few Questions and Answers to give an insight to:

Stephen “Bleak” Brown

Software Engineer


For those of us who don’t know, what has your “career track” been with the gaming industry?

My “career track” track begins with Ultima Online, I joined the team at the beginning of 2008. I got my feet wet with Publish 53 it seems like it was just yesterday  Being an engineer I have worked on pretty much all of the systems UO has to offer.

What project that you were involved in are you the proudest of?

 Where do I begin…I can’t choose just one:  NPC Ship AI, Gargoyle throwing fixes, Item Insurance Gump, Random Treasure Map System, and Focus Skill Spec just to name a few.


I think most of us understand and respect Dev’s having to remain tight lipped about upcoming content etc. However, when it comes to past content only, what was the hardest thing for you to personally remain tight lipped about?

 I’m not one to spoil a surprise but I would have to say the hardest thing to remain tight lipped about was the most recent patch to the Enhanced Client which fixed some serious client crashes.


When it comes to the current team, who is the practical joker of the bunch and have they gotten you? OR What was your best retaliatory strike against “the joker”?

Why So Serious? It would be a tie between Misk and me. As for retaliatory strikes, most just end with nerf gun wars.


When you are not chained to the desk working, what do you enjoy doing?

 When I’m not chained to my desk I enjoy reading, playing MOBA games, watching football, duking it out on test center, and constantly checking the boards.


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