PvP Tournament: The Pit Thursday 8:45pm Eastern

September 26, 2012 By: petra Category: Atlantic News

The Pit will be running it’s first PvP Tournament in over a year on Thursday September 27th at 8:45pm eastern. All our welcome to come and watch in our special viewing rooms. The coordinates are 50.05’N 35.22W located South East of Yew Bank. 10 People will be locked inside of a maze and the last man standing is declared the winner. Depending on the number of registrants there may be a few rounds. Gates will be provided from Luna bank 5 minutes before registration. The rules can be found on the desk at The Pit. For early registration or to register your guild please contact me via ICQ at 108282932. So much chatter on ICQ about how good or bad you are? Come proove it.

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