Pumpkin Madness!

October 06, 2011 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

A call to arms its time to defend the plow-shears with your swords!
By: Tertius Wands
Photos by: Emma Silvermane

Horrifying monsters are disrupting the annual pumpkin harvest that started on Friday 9/30/2011. As is so often the case with so many pumpkins ripening so quickly a call went out for any and all to help bring in the crop before it spoiled in the fields. Many a happy adventurer left the dungeons singing songs about how lovely it was to bring in the pumpkin harvest one Emma Silvermane a tamer of RBG was heard singing “i like punkins … punkins like me .. I like punkins cant u see” (sic). As the pumpkin harvest was well underway odd shaped large pumpkins were notice and when these were examined large monsters of fire and pumpkin attacked those bringing in the harvest. Quickly the crowd gathered their swords and spell books, their bows and their pets and began fighting back these monstrosities. The strong and early showing of members of RBG and UFO in numbers in the fields outside of Britain enable the defenders to protect the harvest. Of course more and more of these evil pumpkin monsters are showing up necessitating continual vigilance by the all those in the lands. So come out and help protect the crop and the plow-shear with your sword.

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