Publish 85.3 Test Center 1

January 30, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

PatchNotesPosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Jan 29 22:53 -0500 GMT

Test Center Patch Notes

Vendor Search Improvements

Players will not see these improvements for the first 3 hours until the data base has been rebuilt.

• Added the ability to search “Artifact Rarity” values =  Know issue, Search returns artifacts of that rarity and above instead of just that rarity.

Vendor Maps:
• Added message when vendor map is placed in backpack.
• Removed ability to sell vendor maps to mapmakers.
• Removed ability to use vendor maps to teleport during combat.
• Increased distance allowed for teleporting around house sign.
• Added the ability to pay for teleporting with gold in backpack.
• Removed the ability to use a vendor map as a recall rune.
• Added the ability to open the container containing the vended item when within 19 tiles of the item.
• Added a check to make sure an item is still for sale before allowing the player to teleport to the item.

Vendor Searching:
• Changed numeric search string restriction to only block numbers under 1000.
• Changed text search to look for each word individually.
• Added ability to sort results by price from high to low.
• Added ability to remove individual search criterion.

Vendor Results Menu:
• Fixed item properties display for empty strings.
• Fixed display of some add-on items.
• Added commas to price display.

Bug Fixes

• Corrected issue where only the character that placed the house is allowed to customize the house.
• Corrected issue where goza mats were becoming unusable.
• Cupid’s Arrows will now work during the month of February.
• Discordance is now considered a hostile act when used against player pets; players may now only use peacemaking on player pets that are freely aggressive

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