Publish 82

June 19, 2013 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Publish 82

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2013 Jun 19 20:06 -0400 GMT

Publish 82.0.0
Publish 82 is being published on TC1 today, it will be on Origin and Izumo on Thursday/Friday during their maintenance. The publish will go live on Monday June 24th during morning maintenance.

King’s Collection Theme Pack
• The King’s Collection theme pack will be available for purchase from the Origin store on Monday, June 24th, 2013.
• The King’s Collection provides an entitlement code to be applied to your account and also a code to redeem a token to claim in game items.
• Your account must have the King’s Collection entitlement to use the King’s Collection token to claim in game items
• The collection includes both items available for direct delivery as well as new craftables.
• Items available for direct delivery can only be placed by accounts that have the King’s Collection entitlement.
• Direct delivery items are delivered in a new specialty case to the player’s bank box when the token is used and includes:
 Dragon Lantern Lamp
 Tall Lamp
 Barrel Sponge (Will generate random specialty potions 35/week)
 Alchemist Bookcase
 Fire Painting (Will generate a random .1 Scrolls of Transcendence once per week)
 Ship Painting(Will generate large powder charges 42/week)
 Horse Painting
 Castle Painting
 Cactus Sponge
 Shelf Sponge
 Fluffy Sponge
 Koi Lamp
 Bird Lamp
 Bull Tapestry
 Monastery Bell (Plays a sound when double clicked)
 Embroidered Tapestry
 15th Anniversary Lithograph
 Marble Table
 Golden Table
 Ornate Bed
 Four Post Bed• The collection will also allow crafters with the correct entitlement to create the following items that anyone can use.
• Carpentry Craft able Items
 Plain Wooden Shelf
 Fancy Wood Shelf
 Fancy Loveseat
 Fancy Couch
 Plush Loveseat
 Plant Tapestry
 Metal Table
 Long Metal Table
 Wooden table
 Long Wooden Table
 Cello (Plays a sound when double clicked)
 Wall Mounted Bell (plays a sound when double clicked)
 Trumpet (plays a sound when double clicked)
 Cowbell (plays a sound when double clicked)
• Tinkering Menu
 Dragon Lamp
 Stained Glass Lamp
 Tall Double Lamp

Miscellaneous Additions
• Workable glass can now be crafted via the glassblowing menu.

Clean Up Dyes
• 2 old, Glossy Blue & Deep Violet
• 2 new, Liquid Sunshine & Dark Void

Looting rights distribution update
Corrected issue which prevented players healing scores from being calculated correctly in loot final score.
Healing now applies aggression towards targets aggressors. Example: Warrior A is fighting Mob B. Healer C heals Warrior A and now has aggressed Mob B. (Does not apply in PvP)
DPS weight has been adjusted to be closer to Pre Publish 74 in final loot score.

New Gargoyle Equipment: Amulets
• Non medable neck armor
• Crafted using masonry and blacksmithing. Amulets cannot be reforged and material bonuses are not applied when crafted.

Bug Fixes
• Election data will no longer be reset every hour on the first day of the election cycle.
• Corrected an issue where the informational gump indicating who the current governor is could display incorrect information.
• Removed errant water tiles in a part of the ocean where ships could become stuck.
• Anniversary rugs will no longer spam system messages when multiple items are collected.
• Gargoyles can no longer fly when copied/transferred from one shard to another.
• A greater refreshment potion which was poured from a potion keg now shows correct name.
• Greater refreshment potion kegs will now show the correct name.
• 720.0 is now the default total skill cap for all players.
• Shop prices can now be set to a negative value by faction finance ministers on Abyss rule set shards.

Siege Housing
As of 6/21/13, player accounts will be allowed to have one primary house placed on a siege rule set shard (Mugen/ Siege Perilous) as well as one primary house placed on a non siege rule set shard.

Classic client 7.0.31
• Cliloc Changes
• New Art Additions
• New instrument sounds

Enhanced Client 4.0.31
• Cliloc Changes
• New Art Additions
• New instrument sounds

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