(Player Event) The Acropolis Live Auction Hall Week 4 (Returning From 2013)

March 23, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Greetings!  The grand re-opening of my live auction hall will take place Wednesday March 26th at 8 Pm Eastern Time, Items will be accepted anytime until the auction begins. The auction will be on the roof of my in town luna home on the Atlantic shard, located at the southern crossroads. (pictured below) If you’d like to submit an item please ICQ me at 678566021


In addition to the normal auction items, we will have a lottery vendor set up, the lottery’s grand prize for this week is the Ethereal Horse in the picture above, there will also be many millions in cash prizes.

These are the items submitted to the auction so far (list will be updated as items are submitted)

#1 Ruined Painting
#2 Nexus Deed
#3 Carved Image Of Medusa Floor
#4 “Multicolor” Gift Box
#5 Mark Of Travesty (Swords/Tactics)
#6 Death Certificate x2 (Glass Face Cyno / Rude Patch Bonnie)
#7 Bestial Armor Set
#8 Angel Gift Box (Blue)
#9 Angel Gift Box (Light Green
#10 Angel Gift Box (Dark Green)
#11 Angel Gift Box (Black)
#12 Statues of Gwenno, Katrina and Dawn
#13 Big Majik Flippers (Sandals)
#14 Arcane Leather Leggings Of Defence
#15 Fortified Leather Sleeves Of Wizardry
#16 Easter Basket (Not The New One)
#17 Box Of Rubble ( Cattail, Chair, Single Red Mushroom, Seaweed, Double Red Mushroom, Grave Dust)
#18 Full Rubble Bed Facing East (4 Pieces)
#19 Full Rubble Bed Facing South (4 Pieces)
#20 Tangle Cloth (1,000)
#21 Seahorse Statue
#22 Ghost Anchor
#23 White Dragon Head
#24 A Guildstone, Guild Name Is NED [None]
#25 Breastplate Of The Berserker (Dyed Vibrant Crimson)
#26 Futon
#27 Halloween Ghoul Statue and Bloody Sash (Turns You Into A Werewolf)
#28 Age Of Shadows Roses ( Stacey Keibler + Grim Necromancer Steve)
#29 Potted Tree and Flowerpot
#30 Decorative Wall Shield Hanging and Stone Ankh (Veteran Rewards)
#31 Full Darkwood Armor Set
#32 A Guild Deed + A Guildstone, Lacivious Lions [L.L]
#33 A Magical Lockbox
#34 Angel Gift Box (Brown)
#35 Mesanna Lake Austin Lantern

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