(Player Event) The 3rd Trinsic Fishing Competition – Feb 1st > Feb 14th

February 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Ahoy Mates!

The time be here again for another ocean wide fishing competition!

Organized by The City of Trinsic, the competition be open to all anglers across all the seas.

Catch Window : Saturday, 1st Feb. -> Friday, 14th Feb. (14 days)
Weigh-In Event : Saturday 15th February, 9:00pm EST.
Place : Trinsic Docks, Trammel.

The catch window will be from February 1st to February 15th, 2014. Only fish tagged between, and including, these dates will be eligible for entry in their appropriate category.

To submit a fish for judging, all ye need to do is drop it in the mailbox at the Surf Shack on Trinsic south beach, which be here..


Ye can catch a teleport from Goodman’s Rune Library in Zento!


Then, at the Weigh-In event on February 15th, we be announcing the winners for all categories and awarding prizes to the lucky anglers. Ye can also turn in any last minute entries by hand at the event. However, please note that fish caught on the day of the Weigh-In will be outside the catch window, and so will not be eligible.

After the prizes have gone out, it’d be our great honor if all hands would join us for some good ol’ fashioned cannon cracking aboard the Trinsic naval ships. We’ll be taking on two of the sea’s greatest beasties…

Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer


NOTE : Vessels captained by experienced sailors will be on hand to ship land lubbers to the battle. The cannons will be open for anyone to use, but ye will need to bring yer own supply of heavy cannonballs, heavy powder charges, and fuse cords.

Anyways, ye probably be wanting to know a little more about the fishing competition, so here be the fiddly bits…

*Holds up a crumpled scrap of parchment*


The rules, categories, and fish assigned therein be as follows…

Categories Of Entry
A – Enchanted Shore Fish (Autumn Dragonfish, Fairy Salmon, Holy Mackerel)
B – Legendary Shore Fish (Spring Dragonfish, Zombie Fish)
C – Enchanted Deep Water Fish (Big Fish, Giant Koi, Great Barracuda, Yellowtail Barracuda)
D – Legendary Deep Water Fish (Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Giant Samurai Fish, Golden Tuna, Kingfish, Stone Fish)
E – Enchanted Dungeon Fish (Bull Fish, Crystal Fish, Fire Fish, Lava Fish, Reaper Fish, Summer Dragonfish, Unicorn Fish, )
F – Legendary Dungeon Fish (Abyssal Dragonfish, Dungeon Pike, Lantern Fish, Rainbow Fish, Seeker Fish, Winter Dragonfish)
G – Enchanted Crustacean (Blue Lobster, Stone Crab, Spider Crab)
H – Legendary Crustacean (Blood Lobster, Dread Lobster, Tunnel Crab, Void Crab, Void Lobster)
X – The Biggest Kahuna! (All above categories.)
Z – The Royal Trophy! (All trophy-able catches: Abyssal Dragonfish, Autumn Dragonfish, Big Fish, Black Marlin, Blood Lobster, Blue Lobster, Blue Marlin, Bull Fish, Dread Lobster, Fire Fish, Giant Koi, Giant Samurai Fish, Kingfish, Lantern Fish, Lava Fish, Seeker Fish, Spider Crab, Spring Dragonfish, Stone Crab, Stone Fish, Summer Dragonfish, Tunnel Crab, Unicorn Fish, Void Crab, Void Lobster, Winter Dragonfish.)

Category A : Orc Ship + 5 million gold.
Category B : Ghost Anchor + 5 million gold.
Category C : Orc Ship + 5 million gold.
Category D : Seahorse Statue + 5 million gold.
Category E : Orc Ship + 5 million gold.
Category F : Ghost Anchor + 5 million gold.
Category G : Orc Ship + 5 million gold.
Category H : Seahorse Statue + 5 million gold.
Category X : The Captain’s Bundle (Britanian Ship + Pilot’s Wheel Deed + Two-Tone Paint + Weathered Ship Paint.)
Category Z : King Blackthorn has graciously offered to lock the biggest trophy catch of the competition in his castle!

Thank you to our Prize Sponsors this round: Governor Lew of Trinsic, Flair & the SOS guild, and King Blackthorn!

The Ways Of the Contest
– Ye can submit as many fish as ye like, in as many categories as ye like.
– Only fish submitted in game via the designated mailbox, or handed to the judges on the day of the Weigh-In event, will be accepted. (No screenshots)
– Ye may only win one of the listed categories, with the exception of the two final categories X & Z (see below).
– The final winners will be announced, and prizes awarded, at the Weigh-In event. It may be possible to pick up yer prize after the event if a time can be arranged.
– In the case where one fisherman submits multiple fish that win different categories, the fisherman will be awarded victory in the category covering his/her largest fish only. If the fish are of the same weight, the judges will decide which category to award.
– The two final categories X and Z will be awarded to the biggest qualifying fish submitted in the previous categories A through H.
– The weight of biggest fish submitted thus far for each categories will be listed in the table at the bottom of this post. The table will be updated once a day, in the early morning hours.
– If ye would like yer fish back after the competition, please submit them in a bag with a rune to a public mailbox where they may be returned. However, we are encouraging people to donate them to the Fishing Record Museum, and this is where all record breaking un-claimed will be sent.
– Lastly, in the event of any controversy, the judge’s decisions be final in all things.

*turns parchment over and finds nothing*

Looks like that be all the whats n’ hows of it mates.

We’d like to encourage ye all to donate yer winning catches to the Fishing Record Museum, run by the fine mariners of Castaways. It be up to yeself of course. If ye be interested in seeing the museum, ye can visit anytime at this location…


I be looking forward to meeting ye all and weighing up some mighty catches on Trinsic docks a fortnight from now.

Fair winds and bent poles to ye mates!

– Compas, The Salt of the Sea.

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