(Player Event) Shard Public Auction – Update 2

April 29, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News

Provisional Sale List (23rd April)

Standard items (5% commission to Town Fund, remainder to seller)
120 mysticism scroll
120 focus scroll
120 taming scroll
120 throwing scroll
120 tactics scroll
120 veterinary scroll
120 parrying scroll
120 necromancy scroll
120 anatomy scroll
120 fencing scroll

25 stat scroll x 2
+5 Exodus stat scroll

Black dye tub [1st year reward]
Leather dye tub [2nd year reward]
White leather dye tub

Hygieia’s Amulet [replica] (+10% alchemy bonus)
Barbed runic sewing kit
Clothing bless deed

Primeval Lich eight piece rack set
Primeval Lich executioner’s axe deed
Primeval Lich glowing red corp rune

Soulstone fragment token x2
Race change token
15th anniversary gift ticket

Deed to a guildstone – NEWMAN PROVISIONERS [TNP]
Academic Bookcases x 2
A gilded statue from the personal collection of the king

Adeptly drawn treasure maps (Fel) x20

Town Fund donations (100% of sale price to Town Fund)

120 magery scroll [donated by Gilfane treasury]

Furniture dye tub [1st year reward] [donated by Shakespeare]
Dark gray robe [4th year reward] [donated by Kattasrophe]
Deed for a stone ankh (5th year reward) [donated by Shakespeare]
Ethereal Polar Bear (9th year reward) [donated by Kelmo]

Charger Of The Fallen [donated by Shakespeare]
Rechargeable teleporter set [donated by Baby Doll]

Bloody sash (transforms you into werewolf at night) [donated by Shakespeare]
Blessed black sandals [donated by Kattasrophe]

Blessed event spellbook [DCI-5, SDI-21, FCR-1, LMC-4] [donated by Shakespeare]
Blessed Lucky Necklace [donated by Becca]
Swords of Prosperity [donated by Becca]
Staff of Pyros [donated by City of New Magincia]
Most Knowledge Person [replica] (HP +3 robe) [donated by City of New Magincia]
Jackal’s Collar (cursed) [donated by Kattasrophe]

Mailbox [donated by Sara Dale]
Holiday flowerpot [donated by Sara Dale]
Rose of Trinsic x 3 [donated by Shakespeare]
10th anniversary sculpture [donated by Shakespeare]
Mounted Dread Horn [donated by Shakespeare]
White grandfather clock [donated by Shakespeare]
Grizzled skull collection [donated by Shakespeare]
Globe of Sosaria [donated by Becca]
Mummified corpse (Primeval Lich special) [donated by Becca]
Slime statue [donated by Kattasrophe]
Grass tile [donated by Kattasrophe]
Snow tile x 2 [donated by Kattasrophe]

Pigments of Tokuno (Rum Red, 50 charges) [donated by Kattasrophe]

Heritage token [donated by City of New Magincia]
Ladder deed [donated by Sara Dale]
Fountain of Life [donated by Sara Dale]
Set of nine virtue tiles [donated by Mish O Sha]

Anchor, Figurehead, Ship’s Bell of BMV Ararat [donated by Sara Dale]
Orc ship deed [donated by Frost]
Complete set of ten grapevines x 4 [donated by Sam]

Deed for 20k arrows [donated by Bucko]
Deed for 10k enhanced bandages [donated by Sara Dale]
Deed for 15k plain leather [donated by Sara Dale]
Deed for 10k spined leather [donated by Sara Dale]
Deed for 30k plain logs [donated by Sara Dale]

Individual town donations (5% of sale price to Town Fund, remainder to specific town/cause)
120 ninjitsu scroll (Skara Brae) [donated by Gilfane treasury]
Tome of Lost Knowledge (Skara Brae) [donated by Becca]
Heritage Tokens x 2 (Skara Brae) [donated by Becca]

Ethereal Tiger (15th year Vet reward) (Trinsic) [donated by Kelmo]

120 archery scroll (New Magincia) [donated by Othello]​

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