[Player Event] OctoberFest, 27th @ 8pm

October 21, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

OctoberFest 27th 8pm
by Town Of Yew

This 2nd annual
Octoberfest will be held on the 27th at 8pm
eastern, in the Town of Yew.Throughout the event we
encourage people to bring lists, 15th anniversary items or
the bone containers to trade with others. You
might be able to find or finish a set of one
of your collections.

Costume Contest – come in costume at 8 eastern
if you wish to enter the contest, There will be
three judges who will vote on first, second, and
third place winners.

#2 Archery Contest-
Who is the best shot of the year? Bows/Crossbows are
permitted. No Hit Chance increase items allowed,
and only gm bows (or regular) are permitted with no additional
stats on them besides dmg increase.

#3 Fishing Contest
Who can catch the biggest deep ocean fish
on this three day contest?
Fish will have to be caught and dated for
the days of 25th, 26th, and 27th, of this month.
You must be present with your fish at the
time this event is started (after the
archery contest which will be around 9 probably when
finished) The fish has to be caught from deep
oceans, so no dungeon fish. You will be granted
1 point for every 10 stone of weight your fish is.
128 stone big fish – 12.8 stones.
If you are lucky enough to chatch a legendary
fish, such as a blue marlin, you will be
rewarded 2 points for every 10 stones of

Cooking Contest –
Chefs, get ready!
You will need to bring some cooking tools,
pitchers of water, and 500 gold. Instructions
will be explained at the event. Good luck on
becoming the top chef of Yew!

Last Man Out –
This will be the final event of the night and it
will be in a form of a board game made of
colored cloth. Instructions will be explained before
the game.

Hope to see everyone at the event and I hope
everyone enjoys themselves.

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