(Player Event) March ’13 Fishing Competition!

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Fishing Competition!

Original post by Gilmour:


Greetings Fishermen and Fisherwomen
We will be holding a fishing competition coming weekend: 15th-17th March. Competition will run from Friday to Sunday.

Gathering Fish

You may gather fish starting Serverup Friday the 15th (6am local). until the winner event on Sunday the 17th 20:00.

The Categories

There will be 4 categories for this event, the categories are:

Heaviest Dungeon Fish

Any rare fish caught in a dungeon.

First Place Prize In Category: 1.000.000gp

Heaviest Crab/Lobster

Any rare crab or lobster that holds a date caught.

First Place Prize In Category: 1.000.000gp

Heaviest Common Rare Fish

Yellowtail baracuda, Great Barracuda, Big Fish, Autumn Dragonfish, Holy Mackerel or Giant Koi.

First Place Prize In Category: 1.000.000gp

Heaviest Uncommon Rare Fish

Any other Rare fish that doesnt fit in other categories.

First Place Prize In Category: 1.000.000gp

We would love if we could keep the winning fish/crab/lobster, to make a trophy from to put in our shop. But if you wish it returned for whichever purpose that is OK too.


Here are the rules of the competition.

A fisherman, or fisherwoman, may enter a fish in 2 out of the 4 categories.

The fish shall hold the date caught on it that is 3/15/2013, 3/16/2013 or 3/17/2013

The fish must hold the name of the fisherman, or fisherwoman, at the post event that hand it in.

If you reveal your catch to others before the winner is announced, that catch will not be eligible to enter the competition IMPORTANT!!

All fish to enter the competition must be handed over to Gilmour prior to announcing the winners. Above rule apply.

If you have questions regarding the rules, you can ask us in general chat, ingame, or reply to the thread.
Winner will be found at the post event.

Location: New Magincia Town Hall

Time: 17th of March at 20:00 CET/MEZ (GMT/UTC +1).

Bring Your Fish/crab/lobster!
Greetings -The Knuckleheads

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