[Player Event] Golden Fang Casino’s Grand Opening Event!

October 22, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

“The Golden Fang Casino. A casino like no other in Ultima. Tell ‘em Ace sent ya.”

  In celebration of its third season, the Golden Fang Casino will be starting things off with a bang!  On November the 10th, between the hours of 7PM and 1AM, the staff will be hosting their grand opening event, with a finale you won’t want to miss! This season features a beautifully remodeled casino, a new chicken fight pit, and the all new Armour of the Gambler! 

  For the event itself, there will be raffle tickets given to the first twenty in the doors. The casino’s tables open at 7PM followed by Chicken fights at the Pecker Club, then the raffle drawing in the Night Club Museum, and the casino will close with the house drop finale at 1AM.

  I had the pleasure of speaking to ‘Lucky’ Jack of Spades as he took me on a tour of the various buildings of interest. While I admit I’ve never been much for gambling, I was both blown away and strangely fascinated  by the casino. There will be slot machines as with the previous season, but the prize amounts have been increased. Where the High Roller statues once stood are the new High Roller tables featuring only bets of one million or higher as well as three new, exclusive games. The statues of the Legends now reside in the stunning, brand new High Roller Hall on the third floor.

  Next was the chicken fighting pit, known as the Pecker Club. The interior decorating was incomplete at the time of my visit, but I was assured everything would be ready to go by the opening. It was here that the mood of the evening took a more solemn turn, as Jack showed me an area near the entrance and informed me of the history of the building. “We lost a person of interest last year; his name was Lord Wolfthistle.  He was a part of the casino, then tragically died of a heart attack. He was very young. We all miss him very much. This used to be his home.” He told me that this area would be transformed into a memorial to Lord Wolfthistle. The mood lightened again as we moved upstairs to the arena. A new event at the Pecker Club this season will be the Battle Chicken fights. You must bring your own Battle Chicken, however a rental storage space is provided.

   Our next stop was the Night Club Museum. Jack informed me that this would be where everyone would come for a break after 9PM. Here food and drinks would be served, and there would even be the sale of statues of some of the favourite gamblers. Plays are performed upstairs, and I was told they’d be doing a comedy. Much to my amusement, this comedy would be called ‘Interview with a Vampiric Dealer’. Before I could even ask how they kept everything under control, my question was already being answered. “We used The Yew Militia. They were the bouncers and did a wonderful Job. Yew Militia is headed by Sunwolf and Mongo.” He went on to add that “TWT helps the Casino and are great people, such as people like Sinful, Lockey, Molly, Nikki, Sunwolf, Mongo, Crotuluz, Corinthian, Draken-Korin, Tabitha, Protector. These people help in so many ways to make the Casino what it is.” This building is also where the raffles will be held.

The big finale for the evening will be the 250 million gold house drop at 1AM. This house, located next to the casino, contains one thousand cheques in varying denominations ranging from one hundred, two hundred and fifty, and five hundred thousand, right up to one million. As an added bonus, there is also one FULL suit of coveted High Roller armour scattered throughout the building. You will not want to miss it!

“We do this for the fun not for the gold. Never was about the gold. It was about bringing people for one night away from the grind, the fighting, the PVP, and bring them here and give them not only gambling but old school RP of gambling. The things that go on here are quite simply amazing.”

 Remember, bets at the Golden Fang are set at one hundred thousand, five hundred thousand and one million gold, as well as one dealer who will take bets of two million. Be sure to bring cheques in these denominations if you plan on gambling!

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