(Player Event) Fisherman’s Friends.

December 08, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Fisherman’s Friends.

When some of my friends from the United Drachenfels Alliance delivered me a note on a special fishing trip i could only send on person with them for this trip.

My good old friend Captain Seoman.

He was still asleep this morning when i had a look at his log on yesterdays event.

Captains log :

The alliance wanted to make a fishing trip to the Underworld and the Abyss.

It is not a normal place for us fisherman to go fishing but i can not pass up a chance to try to get my hands of these rare fish and lobsters that dwell the waters and lava of these places.

I am not really much of a adventurer, i rather stay on my ship and sail the seas.

I have to make sure i took with me the right equipment and most of all plenty of rum!

The meeting was on top of the West Britain Bank.

I arrived first but shortly after several other fishing colleague arrived.

Not that we see each other often we know each other well.

Often we cross ships at the sea when we doing deliveries for the fishmongers.

Captain Allanon knew what i needed most and gave me some extra bottles of rum.

He is a true matey that knows what a Captain needs!

One of the mages opened a gate to the entrance of the Underworld.

Good thing we did not came with all fishermen but several friends came with us for protection.

We moved our way quickly trough the dark passages.

We passed  some strange creatures i never seen before.

Some slimes and some very ugly looking worms.

Our protectors made sure we all could pass them all safely.

We arrived at a room where many undead walked around.

We had to move fast trough the room to a teleporter on the other side.

Strangely enough on the other side of the teleporter we arrived at a very silent place.

A perfect place to try our hands on some rare fish.

I could stay forever but after several minutes our protectors told the fisherman to pack up there gear and it was move on.

We ran back out of the teleporter and trough the room with undead to a door in the north side.

Only few minutes later we arrived at a island where many Kraken where swimming.

Its a good place to fish but our protectors had there hands full to keep all the fisherman and there pets safe.

We where well protected but after a while the water was full with corpses of the many Kraken.

Time to move on for a better and clean fishing spot.

We had to move trough a room with strange plants that had vicious teeth.

After dodging some nasty traps we arrived at a bridge.

Several Goblins where lurking at the other side of the bridge.

Our protectors had to make sure they did not cross and killed any who even tried.

After some time we where urged to pack up and get ready to move on.

It was time to walk down inside the Abyss.

I never been here but i could smell the air was filled with sulfur.

The lava that was flowing all around the abyss felt very warm.

We where guided to many dangerous monsters to a spot with several small lava pools.

We used our special lava proof hooks and lava lobster traps, maybe with some luck we would catch that mythical void lobster here.

While we where busy with the lava fishing our protects had there hands more then full with all kind of Goblins.

There seem to came no end of them. But after some time after what looked like the leaders of the local Goblin tribe things calmed down.

We fished up many lava rocks to take home with us.

Our defenders signaled us that it now was time to move on to our next spot now that things calmed down.

They where sure that these Goblins could return if we stayed to long.

After a short walked we came to a place that looked a lot like a graveyard.

Another lava river was there.

Some of these undead smell a lot worse then a five week old fish!

Its tricky fishing here with one eye on the fishing pole and another eye on the monsters around us.

But we could not asked for a group of better protectors to keep us safe.

I was running low on rum and i was getting tired too after a long and interesting fishing trip.

I thanked all my friends for there protection and headed back to my ship to sleep.

Now that i finished my log i get my another bottle of rum before i hit the sack!

Signed: Captain Seoman

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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