(Player Event) 3rd Deal Or No Deal (Drachenfels)

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Original Post by Gilmour


Greetings Citizens

Seven and Crew is hosting another Deal Or No Deal on Drachenfels, Jackpot builds per event, up to 100 millions! This time with 30 million as the 20 million jackpot was not won last time!

The Game
All visitors are asked to sign a book with their name and drop it in the mail box on top of the spectator rows. A contestant is then selected from the Audience on a voluntary basis.

The contestant choose a box to start the game, This contains an amount which is not revealed.

The contestant must then chose additional boxes, the amount of which is eminently revealed.

First the contestant select 6 boxes, then one box less per round, with a minimum of 1. and the last box cannot be selected.

After each round of selections the banker will the make a deal, which the host will offer to the contestant (based on how much value still in play), which the contestant can chose to accept by stating “Deal” thus ending  the game, or decline by stating “No Deal” thus continuing the game.

This continues until the contestant makes a deal.

If the 10 mill is a among the remaining boxes. The amount for this is multiplied by the by the amount of events where where it hasn’t been selected as the initial and unrevealed box (current included). Up to 100 millions!

Time and Place
Location: South East Luna Corner, on the inside of the Road.
Time: Saturday the 23rd of March ’13 @ 20:30 (8:30 PM) CET
Other timezones: 7:30 PM GMT/UTC, 21:30 EET, 2:30 PM EST (US)
Streamed Live: The event will be streamed live on http://www.twitch.tv/uoknuckleheads with commentary mainly provided by Late. (note new channel)

middle round prizes will be drawn from the mailbox, for instant wins.


Hope to see spectators and contestant there to play.
– Seven, Stephen and Gilmour



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