Perilous Inquirer – Nineteenth Issue

November 08, 2013 By: DeadBob Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

The Perilous Inquirer
November 8, 2013
Contributors: Lupe, Kattasrophe, RueTor, Hoffs, Sprago, Victim Of Siege, Tang, Otero

Doesn’t smell “Too Bad”   – by Lupe
Friday evening was filled with laughter and merriment as the citizens of Siege Perilous unwound at Moonglow’s Harvest Festival. Spirits were flowing freely when the game of Musical Chairs began.
My good friend Talia told me, “As soon as I was done decorating, I got wicked pissed! I was watching the festivities, when I heard all this fuss. I turned around, and there he was, King Blackthorn himself.”
Talia tells me, it was all she could do not to stare. “Nothin was fallin off him, like fingers or anything, and for a Frenchman/Zombie, his smell was not too bad. Still… he just LOOKS different”

This month is Diabetes Awareness Month. I, Kattasrophe, have diabetes and would like to raise awareness! So on the 14th, there is going to be a Diabetes Awareness Carnival. With Games, Prizes, Booze and more! Come learn about diabetes and the signs that lead to it. All while having fun! For details, ask within the next week.

To receive a prize, be the first to go to the Trivia Monk on our front steps & speak the answer to this question:
The Ultima original tune, “Stones,” was written by the wife of one of Ultima’s original programmers. What was her name?
This week’s prize will pop into your backpack.

WHY THAT NAME?   – by RueTor
Hoffs: “Named and styled after my muse, Susanna Hoffs, singer/guitarist/songwriter in 80s group The Bangles.”
Sprago: “Its nothing special just a shortened version of my last name got it during high school.”
Victim of Siege: “The first character I made on Siege was Possum (George Jones fan) and he kept getting ganked whenever he stepped out of town. I was creating a character for the other account and I thought to myself, ‘Self, if you are going to be a victim ….'”

Perhaps the oldest PvP guild, Killing As Organized Sport [KAOS] originated as far back as AOL’s Neverwinter Knights in 1993. This was before games were played over the Internet.
KAOS gained widespread noteriety for posting PKs at the AOL game’s login-in points, indiscriminately killing players as they logged in. The members were thought to be professionals in real life, like the infamous MERCS, who took pleasure griefing gamers in the earliest days of UO until they were permanently banned.
– Otero

“Happy Birthday, November 8th to our illustrious *cough* and diligent publisher, DeadBob. Great job! Hope you have a great day with plenty of cake and Hagen Daaz!”
– Tang

The Perilous Inquirer V1,19
Vol. 1, Nineteenth Issue
3rd house on left out the Luna south gate.
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Reporter: Kattasrophe
Deliveries: Doug The Fugitive
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