Perilous Inquirer – Eighth Issue

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The Perilous Inquirer
 Vol. 1, Eighth Issue
August 23, 2013

That’s the question I asked myself while observing the EM Event on Bucs Den. I wondered about the SL players who expertly killed everyone and everything. And I wondered about the outrage at them on chat. The answer, it turns out, is that this is exactly how UO was designed.
The following is from a 1998 essay written by the original UO Lead Designer, Raph “Designer Dragon” Koster.
“Eliminating the killers from the mix of the population results in a stagnant society. Players become cliquish, and without adversity to bring communities together, they fragment and eventually go away. At the same time, too many killers will quite successfully chase away everyone else. And after feeding on themselves for a little while, they will move on too. Leaving an empty world.  Ideally, we bring killers to an awareness of the virtual community they are disrupting, whilst at the same time still permitting people to exercise power over one another, because people tend to seek status and power, and it’s an important mechanic we cannot do without.”
See Dragon’s essay, “Who Are These People Anyway?” at

To being The Boston Strangler, the West Mesa Bone Collector & The Phantom Killer of Texarkana
“It’s been preying on my conscious for years, all those unsolved murders.
But I feared it would damage my career on UO if it got out that I was a -shudder- a secret serial killer. I mean, what good is killing if you can’t boast of it? But now it’s out. I killed all those 29 people.”

by Kattasrophe (age 12)
Satan, 31, is a PvPr in the guild FSP, his main target, blues. He says he likes to think of himself as an equal opportunity killer. He says he doesn’t care if they are red, blue, new, old or an NPC, he will kill them.
He has played for over 187 months. He started when he was 16. He found out about Ultima Online from a friend and got the game for his dad on Christmas.
The only time he hasn’t played was when he was deployed to Iraq and Cuba.
(Side note: While doing the interview, he went to Shame and killed a guild member of mine.)
But besides killing people, he is kinda nice!

Siege Only
UO has authorized creation of a God statue where Siege players can report each other. “It’ll save staff time not having to deal with whiners,” UO explained.
The new God, named Bigus Dickus in honor of Mel Brooks, will be installed on Fire Island where Siege Players can take their prayers & supplications for relief.

Siege Estates – An updated runebook to Siege Vendors by Grimlex.
“Shopping could not be easier with this gate traveling wonder.
See Gate Book Store at the Perilous Inquirer.”

The Perilous Inquirer
3rd house on left out the Luna south gate.
Reporter: Kattasrophe  Contributor: Grimlex
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