Perilous Inquirer – 28th Issue

January 10, 2014 By: DeadBob Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

The Perilous Inquirer
Vol 1, 28th Issue
January 10, 2014

Denies sewer rat infestation. “We don’t care to speculate on how Talia received those bite marks on her backside, but it was not from using one of our conveniences.”

Flair, 36, is also a news reporter for UO on the fansite, Stratics.
Flair came to Siege Perilous to play with her friends, Kelmo, Luka, Tia, Shamous and Tazar. When Flair first came to Siege, Kelmo chased her all around Tazar’s house, killing her to welcome her to Siege. Thus her guild title, “Kelmo’s Chew Toy.”
She found Siege Perilous appealing because if you get mad at someone you can go and kill them. She enjoys the challenge of playing here. She was introduced to Ultima Online by a friend’s husband. She fell in love with news reporting by being able to get the word and writing stories about what was ingame.
To come to a conclusion, Flair thinks anyone who is looking for something different should come to Siege.
(Side note: This is not the full story. To see the full story look for Katt’s thread titled, “The Full Story Of Flair” on the Siege Perilous forum.

– by RueTor
El-Ninio: “El-Ninio” in the late 90s we had a real bad season of storms and “El-Nino” was the name they gave the phenomenon that brought the storms. it was blamed for everything from tornadoes out east to forest fires in california. El-Nino was destroying things all over. there were a few people named “El-Nino” and to be different i misspelled it on purpose. El was / is my attempt at pvp. “Ride the rainbow , crack the sky. stormbringer comin’ … time to die”
Borg: “Borg” well, im a star trek nut.

Of Natural Resources announces the opening of a new UO Gold mine. Interested investors should contact their offices on Atlantic at One Luna Square.

To receive a prize, be the first to go to the Trivia Monk on our steps & say the word that answers this question:
“If you use a Green Thorn in the snow on Arctic Isle, what happens?”

The Siege Perilous Hall Of Players is accepting exhibits. Give an item or a book or a statue with your character’s name on it to Kattasrophe or to Victoria, or drop it into the mailbox at the Perilous Inquirer. Your named items will be used to create your exhibit. The Hall Of Players is open to all Siege players.

If y’re in the BETA, the game will be up & running from 6pm tonight until midnight Sunday. See you there! (I’m DeadBob in ESO :)

The Perilous Inquirer
Vol. 1, 28th Issue
3rd house on left out the Luna south gate.
News & Booze! Free current issues are on the “News” steward. Free named liquors are on the “Booze” steward.
Back copies are free on the shop named, “Siege Droppings.”
Submission guidelines are posted on the bulletin board.
Reporter: Kattasrophe
Onomatologist: Rue Tor
Contributors: Borg, El-Ninio
Deliveries: Doug The Fugitive

~sine die~

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