Perilous Inquirer – 21st Issue

November 22, 2013 By: DeadBob Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

The Perilous Inquirer
21st Issue
November 22, 2013
Contributors: AtlanticVlad, RueTor, Lupe, Fartbarf, Ariana RiverWind, Strawberry, York_Siege, Kattasrophe, Luca Melehan

Claiming that it is the humane thing to do, and that the shard is “just going to suffer” if kept alive any longer, members of the Save Siege Committee recommended today that Siege be put down.
“We realize this isn’t the easiest thing to hear, but we’ve run a number of tests and unfortunately there’s really nothing more we can do for Siege at this point,” the committee reported.
“Siege is in a lot of pain, folks,” according to committee chairman AtlanticVlad. “Time to think about sending it off peacefully, for its own sake.”
The committee also made several heartfelt assurances that the procedure would be quick and virtually painless.
(w/apologies to

– by RueTor

Lupe: “Was my name in spanish class in middle school.  It is a shortened version of Guadalupe, which translates roughly to Wolf-River, and the Lupe part is the wolf part, denoting her taming profession.”
Fartbarf: “I was driving through downtown LA about 10 years ago admiring the creative graffiti. As I was passing under some train tracks, I looked up and saw in big block letters “FARTBARF.” It made me laugh then, and it makes me laugh now.”
Ariana RiverWind: My Father and Mother picked this name for me. You see Anna was my grandmothers name, they wanted to have me to be a namesake, However I wish I was more like Gran, she was the best baker of RiverWind. (I know a lot of people think that this character is named from a certain set of books, but honestly I just came up with it on a whim and said oooo I likes it.)

Chicken Fights: anyone interested should reply to Strawberry’s post on the stratics forum, “Battle Chicken Fights.”
Siege Ambassador: encourage players on other shards to give Siege a try. For some ideas on how, see York_Siege’s post on the stratics forum, “Honestly – Why is Siege Perilous the Best?”

To receive a prize, be one of the first to go to the Trivia Monk on our steps & say the word that answers this question:
“Where, in our lands, is Gwenno’s  Memorial?”

UO Thanksgiving has arrived, will I be able to survive?
A turkey in the oven, friends are stuffin’
Their mouths with wonderful treats.
There are knocking beats at the door; it is a red that wants fed
Should I run or should I stay?
I say “one moment,” and throw a pie at him,
And then I hide!

Say “booze” to our Booze Steward & give thanks Luca Melehan for contributing to our Fall assortment of named liquors.

The Perilous Inquirer V1,21
Vol. 1, Twentieth Issue
3rd house on left out the Luna south gate.
News & Booze! Booze Steward stocked this week by Luca Melehan.
Free current issues are on the “News” steward; Free named liquors are on the “Booze” steward.
Back copies are free on the shop named, “Siege Droppings.”
Submission guidelines are posted on the bulletin board.
Reporter: Kattasrophe
Deliveries: Doug The Fugitive
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