September 10, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Tonight was Origins Labor Day Festivities! EM’s Faine and Fiorella had an exciting and dangerous night planned for us. A nice crowd gathered at the top of Luna bank while we waited for our EM’s.

Faine and Fiorella showed up sporting fancy beachware!


Once they arrived it was off to the beach for a bit of surf and turf. Faine and Fiorella seemed to have a bit of a quarrel going on between them, something about seeing a sea creature come up onto the beach…Fiorella grinned evily as she flashed her white nets and stepped nimbly into the water…INCOMING! She shouted and the fight was on!

After many MANY deaths, Faine and Fiorella felt that they had put us through enough and had us all gather around to wish our favorite Dark Lady a very happy birthday!


Overall a VERY fun Labor Day event! Thank you to EM’s Faine and Fiorella for showing us a good time!

Have a Happy Labor Day Origin!


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