[News] The Week-end Madness: Edition Number: XIX

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The Week-end Madness

Edition Number: XIX

Friday we tried our luck for artifacts at the gauntlet.


Saturday we went toe to toe with the Stygian Dragon!


Sunday the new elected governors had their first meeting with the King.


Later in the evening we tried to help Elesil with the spider Goddess problem.


But Jigsaw betrayed us all and Elesil was mortally wounded.

Who missed the event or who want to look at it again can watch it here :

Watchertoo TV

Special thanks go to Watchertoo for recording the event.

We picked up a few new rumors:

King Blackthorn has met the Governors. The Governor of Trinsic, Lady Ta’ira Tal, has claimed two city gates, a lighthouse, a barn, flowers, benches, more Moongates, several teleporters in the city, a bigger port and a castle as her seat. The king thinks about it.

In the Orc fort near Cove it came yesterday to a big fight between Elesil Daelwon and her supporters against orcs and spiders. Thus, the orcs seem to follow the goddess Zalindera.  

The Governor of Trinsic, Lady Ta’ira Tal, was wearing openly the colors of Zalindera in the meeting with the King. The high priest of the weaver, Alrik Ploetzbogen, sat directly behind her.

Elesil Daelwon was seriously poisoned yesterday during the assault on the Orc Fort. The healers doubt her early recovery.

Jigsaw has openly changed to the side of the weaver Zalindera. In truth Jigsaw leads the Church of the Weaver and not Alrik Ploetzbogen.

Elesil Daelwon was slightly poisoned yesterday during the assault on the Orc fort. But she is all right again.

Jigsaw has switched to the side of the weaver Zalindera to spy the high priest Alrik Ploetzbogen.

King Blackthorn plans to arrest the governors, who have complained about the amount of weekly payments to the Crown (that means all) for high treason. The king wants to get rid off potential competitors for his power in Sosaria.

Elesil Daelwon was deadly poisoned yesterday during the assault on the Orc fort. The healers have advised her, soon to make her last will.


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