[News] The Week-end Madness: Edition Number: XII

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The Week-end Madness

Edition Number: XII

I hope you all enjoyed your week-end and know we did!

We payed Medusa a few visits on Friday.


On Saturday we collected many grey robes at the Stygian Dragons lair.


Man! He was on fire!

Before the Exodus event on Sunday there was a disturbance between Jigsaw, Mac and a priest of Zalindera.


Britain bank was crowded again with many brave adventures that joined another fight against Exodus.

We picked up a few more rumors.

But like with all rumors, some might be true some not.

Rumors from Britain and elsewhere …

On Sunday, the priest of the weaver – Alrik Ploetzbogen – arrived at the West Bank in Britain and spoke to the people who wanted to fight with Jigsaw against Exodus.

Jigsaw and the priest have delivered a verbal duel.

Jigsaw defeated the priest and Ploetzbogen has accepted Jigsaw as a God.

Ploetzbogen was pelted from the people with rotten tomatoes and offended he traveled back to Trinsic.

Jigsaw and the priest have delivered a verbal duel.

Ploetzbogen has cursed Jigsaw at the end. Jigsaw suffers from Rotting-Wing-Disease and must stay in bed the next days.

The people were so distracted by the appearance of the priest, that they have completely failed at Exodus.

There have been many seriously injured.

Jigsaw has announced he will take revenge for this.

A man named Mac has accused Jigsaw of dishonest motives in the execution of his events.

In the mountains west of Trinsic spider webs were seen.

In the woods around Trinsic more and more spiders appear.

Claire Repaire is lost in the sewers of Trinsic.

Someone from the Council of Yew was seen together with Ploetzbogen as they stood reverently in front of the Zalindera altar in Trinsic.

Special thanks go to all the people who make these events possible!

Thank You!

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