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August 03, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

The second Conseil du Roi got underway Sunday night with the election of the new Moonglow governor, Lord Tazar, who received all but one nomination. Governor Solus instead wished to annex Moonglow to the city of Britain, claiming that the city could not defend itself, as evidenced by the number of invasions it has been through; though he failed to mention that Britain has also suffered its fair share of invasions.

 After Lord Tazar took his seat, the meeting moved on to address any issues or requests the governors or citizens of the realm may have, starting with Britain. Lord Solus announced that the most pressing issue of Britain was the need for more men, and that the other cities needed to lend men to bolster his guard. Despite the fact that the Black Tower was no more, Lord Solus stated that we need to ensure that Britain is kept free of noncitizens.  He then had the nerve to claim that he believed that the people elected him to care for our safety, and while the King watched over the lands, it was too much to ask of him to watch over the cities as well. And when that failed, he tried to ask for donations, such as the other cities best ships to better protect the waters around Britain. King Blackthorn disagreed and told the governor to let the people enjoy their peace, and that there was no need to impress more guardsmen into Britain.

 Next the King addressed Lord Lew of Trinsic, who called upon his Trade Minister Soar to give a brief announcement:

 “Greetings King Blackthorn, Lords and Ladies. Thank you for allowing me the time to speak. I will try to brief. I would like to announce a competition sponsored by our fine city of Trinsic. It is a fishing competition, in which mariners compete to catch the largest fish over a period of two weeks. The competition has already started as of yesterday morn, and will come to climax in 13 days from now. Lord Lew and several other governors present have donated some amazing prizes. I have been knocked off my feet by the generosity shown, and we are continuing to accept donations for the prizes. Governor Lew is collecting those if anyone wishes to put something forward.”

 In response to this announcement, King Blackthorn put up a prize of his own, stating that if there is a fish trophy of the winners catch, he will hang it in his castle.

 Then there was a petition from the city of Vesper, presented by a man called Alward. While the full details of the petition weren’t made clear, Alward did state that it had to do with the sharing of Minoc’s moongate, and that a change was required.  King Blackthorn’s response was that whatever it was would be considered.

At this point, rather unexpectedly, King Blackthorn requested that Lady Khaleesi follow him out of the chambers. After several minutes of speculation as to the reason, the King and governor returned and took their seats. The two guards that had escorted them out approached a woman who had been standing need Lady Khaleesi and attempted to remove her from Court under the King’s orders. Both the woman, Niamh, and her husband claimed to have a letter, which was given to one of the guards to be handed to the King. Despite the letter, Niamh was removed, and the meeting went on.

 The next governor addressed was Lord SunWolf of Yew.  Lord SunWolf started with an announcement that on August 6th, at 8pm by the eastern sky, there will be an archery contest held. He then called up a citizen to explain an issue involving the expanse of land the city of Yew covers, and the many dirt roads that at times can become confusing to traverse. From this the idea of road signs was proposed, and it appeared to be an idea that the King fully agreed with. Governor SunWolf then took over to explain how the names for the roads could possibly be chosen.

 “I would like to work on a street a week or so, and have the citizens help name them. Then work together and pick the right and proper name for the road. It will be a timely process, but I feel it can be done, with everyone’s help and ideas.”

 Then it was time for Lord Sage of Skara Brae to take the floor. While Lord Sage had nothing to discuss at the time, he introduced his Mayor, Galdor, who wished to thank the King for the aid he has given the people and express gratitude to the Citizens of the land in the defense of their town against a monster that had attacked the day prior, to which the King responded:

 “The people of Britannia can always be relied upon to answer any threat.”

 Though his tenure had been quite brief to that point, Lord Tazar of Moonglow was the next to be called upon. His only concern at the time was the pirates of their coastlines. King Blackthorn mentioned an idea that had been brought up previously, concerning Privateers. It was then Raven’s turn to address the council with an issue. After a bit of rambling, Raven finally told the council that some taverns had started watering down their alcohol for fear of running out due to the shortages. The King’s reaction was one of near outrage at this news. “Watered Down Alchohol?! Not in Britannia!” When asked of the cause for the shortages, Raven speculated that the blockade might be the issue.

 “Governors, Ladies and Lords… Ill not get involved in this blockade and tariff business right now… However, I will stress that we work through our differences. Healthy competition between cities, spurs economic growth and prosperity. But too much, stifles us all. And I hereby issue this decree. Any bartender caught watering down drinks… Shall be fined 10 gold per glass. Payable to the town treasury. Labels of course should be honest and true. 100 gold fine per bottle mislabeled purposefully.”

 The King then addressed Lady Andrasta of New Magincia, giving her the floor to speak. Standing up, Lady Andrasta unfurled a long scroll and began to read.

 “Good Evening My Liege, Lords & Ladies, Guests & Citizens. The City of Magincia has fallen on hard times… Tonight it grieves me to formally file an official complaint against a dear friend, Lady Khaleesi who currently serves as the Governor of Vesper. On her orders a fleet of Privateer Ships has blockaded New Magincia ports and strangled our trade with other cities, most illegally I might add.”

 She proceeded to remind the King that he had approved the 50% tariff on New Magincia Rum, and claimed that without their trade lines open, the city would suffer greatly.

 “As I mentioned during the first meeting my goal is to bring to your attention the plight of the citizens of New Haven whose new arrivals suffer greatly.”

 The King attempted to have the two negotiate on a lower tariff. Lady Khaleesi offered 25%, claiming that to be a fair price; however Lady Andrasta was not to be swayed so easily, and only reduced her offer to 40%. During this negotiation, Lady Andrasta was challenged by a citizen in the audience. “And what good is a governor who doesn’t ask her citizens and business owners first?”  To respond to the citizen’s challenge, Lady Andrasta turned her back on the King, evoking his response:

“In light of Lady Andrasta turning her back on the King… I hereby declare her Tarriff lowered to 20%. And the blockade of New Magincia done with. Are we understood?”

Now it was Lady Willow of Jhelom’s turn. She began by addressing a rumour of dreams that she had been plagued with, in which she was to kill his majesty. After that matter was settled, she requested a stable for Jhelom’s battle steeds and other steeds in general.

Finally it was the turn of Minoc. The governor, Lord Beldin, was absent, and as such, Lord Zhuge took his place for the evening. The only request of Minoc was of a possible timeframe for when the construction of their docks to begin. Assuring him that plans and survey were likely underway, the King finally closed the meeting.

“I hereby close this meeting of the Royal Council. Until next month.”

Long Live Britannia!

Long Live The King!


Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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