[News] The Screams Of The Dead

April 16, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

In Minoc, those who had heard the call of the criers and gathered at the Barnacle tavern were greeted by the Viscount Raymond Lyons. He explained who he was and told us of the current situation “First of all, a strange kind of gang took over the Mount Kendal Mining Camp. We managed to contain them, and we were getting ready to overrun them with the city guards, but then we started to hear strange noises.” When questioned about these noises, he further explained “Screaming. Especially women’s screaming. One voice in particular….A woman but her voice… Rather inhuman. Also, sounds… Well, unmistakably the sounds of human forms being hacked to pieces. The sounds of torture and mutilation.” He had called us to the tavern so that we may accompany him to the mining camp and address the situation.

 “Strange… The place seems empty enough now…”

Arriving at the Kendal Mining Camp, it seemed as though the strange gang the Viscount had told us of had moved on, for all was quiet. It wouldn’t last long though as we soon found ourselves attacked by mutilated walking corpses, mutilated hydras and mysterious beasts that I cannot begin to describe.

“What are these things????? This is not like any Undead I have ever seen!!!”

 After the battle, an instruction book was discovered not far from where we stood. As the Viscount read, he told us that the mining camp had been used as a torture camp. However, the Mysterious Knights had moved the camp to a ‘pit of injustice’. The possible location of a pit of injustice was mulled over for a couple minutes before the dungeon Wrong was mentioned as opposing Justice. The Viscount could not accompany us as he had to stay and help in Minoc, but he provided a gate for us and we left for Wrong.

Upon entering the dungeon, we were attacked not only by the creatures that resided therein, but also by several minions. An unusual trail of machetes on the ground led us deeper into Wrong, where a few mysterious guard beasts were waiting. Their presence indicated that we were close to figuring out what was going on.

Heading North into one of the chambers, the figure of Callie could be seen. It was a horrific sight, seeing this once pretty young woman, whose death many had witnessed, standing before us. Her body covered in scars and hundreds of stitches. A weary sadness filled her voice as she spoke, asking us to kill her, for they wouldn’t let her die. “I thought death was the end. When the machines killed me… Death was just the beginning…” Callie was crying freely now, overwhelmed with the pain of her suffering. “They didn’t start asking for information until the last few days! Then all they could talk about was my research into Exodus! The Mutilator won’t let me die…” She looked at the crowd through her tears, her eyes pleading with each of us in turn before continuing.

“You must kill him… If you can’t kill him, they will keep me alive forever, just to rip me apart and use me and stitch me back up to start it all over again. Here he comes…”

As everyone was recovering from the fight with the Mutilator, a figure clad in dark armour appeared from the darkness, his voice rising above the din “I really do not know whether to thank you or hate you for killing Jayson. He was an efficient servant. But he was also….unpredictable.” Looking over the crowd, he continued “Saw the infliction of pain as more important than the goal. But still… He was efficient at what he did. Oh well… In the business of enforcing Virtue against itself, you take the… if you will excuse a bad joke, the good with the bad.” Chuckling maliciously, the Mysterious Knight vanished into the shadows as quickly as he’d appeared.

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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