[News] The Lightning War

May 18, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

As the night’s briefing commenced, it was immediately obvious that something was causing Lady Amandine great annoyance. Whether it was the subject of our mission, the HOAX news report that she had just thrown at the chamber pot or something else altogether, it was hard to tell.

She explained to us rather curtly that the mission was diplomatic in nature, and needed to be done in order to maintain proper relations with the gargoyles. She reminded us that the people of Ver Lor Reg had been invited by Queen Zhah to enter the Royal City as refugees, but many had resisted believing themselves capable of defending their city from the threat of Exodus. While it would not be a forced evacuation of Ver Lor Reg, Queen Zhah had asked for a contingent of Knights in order to stress the danger of remaining where they were. We were informed that we would be meeting with Queen Zhah at the steps to the Royal City and as Lady Amandine’s opinion on the gargoyles is very well known, she did not accompany us.

“Ah Britannians… The Lady Knight does keep her word. We bring you Greetings.”

We were greeted warmly by the gargoyle Queen upon our arrival at the steps of her Royal City, but before we could begin our escort we were interrupted by the sudden arrival of none other than Professor Yusef Ad-Din. He quickly introduced himself to the Queen before turning to us all, explaining that he had been investigating the signals between the dungeon and the Nexuses with chilling results. Decoded, the signals translated to the phrase Lightning War, the coordinates of Ver Lor Reg and a countdown… Which was due to end in mere minutes. “Whatever they are doing, they are doing it tonight.”

With haste we headed to Ver Lor Reg to warn the gargoyles of the impending danger. We were met by the gargoyle Marisudrol in the western part of the city, and while he greeted the Queen with utmost respect, his confusion at our presence was evident as we tried to explain the situation. “To think this is an overreaction.” He asserted that they could handle the minor incursions coming from the east and that they believed there to be no risk of any major attacks. The stubborn refusal of the Ver Lor Reg gargoyles to realize the danger they were in began to frustrate the crowd, as they continued to try and persuade them to accept the Queen’s offer. “To think this is not needed….” Marisudrol trailed off as a variety of mechanical creatures suddenly swarmed the city. “Arm yourselves!” It had begun.

The overwhelming crash of metal on metal rang out, mixed with the incantations of spells and the cries of tamers attempting to coerce their pets into attacking the mechanical monstrosities. They came in wave after wave, Minion Lords and Overseers, juggernauts and constructs, and even some of Callie’s unholy offspring that hadn’t been destroyed in previous battles. Above all the chaos, a commanding, mechanized voice rose:


Undeterred, the Knights of Britannia continued to fight, attempting to drive the forces of Exodus out of the city and buy time for the gargoyles to evacuate to Ter Mur. The minions of Exodus stepped up their game by bringing in the Exodus Attack Brutes and Gargoyle Stompers, resulting in dozens of casualties, but still the Knights fought onwards, fuelled by their determination. Realizing they were losing despite their massive numbers, the minions of Exodus recalculated their attack and brought in an Exodus dragon to attempt to wipe out those still defending the city, but not even the dragon could defeat the combined power of the Knights who opposed it. The battle was won.

Everyone had once again gathered at the fountain to find that Marisudrol and the gargoyles had finally realized they’re position was unsustainable and wished to reconsider Queen Zhah’s offer of refuge. “Your people here have a proud history. I will not see that heritage lost. Here or among our people.”

With our mission completed and a final message of gratitude from Queen Zhah, we returned to Britain.

“Citizens of Britannia, We wish to thank you for uniting our people once more. Today is a sad day, the loss here. But a new day comes.”

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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