[News] The Golden Calf

October 12, 2011 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

  A crowd was gathering at the House of Virtues. Not as large a crowd as I was used to seeing at Crux Ansata meetings, but a fair size nonetheless. I took a seat hoping that whatever EM Bennu had called us for would distract my thoughts from the recent events that had unfolded within Charlotte’s mind. Not long after I had sat down, Bennu appeared before us with news of a strange creature that had been born into our world. He would not speak the name of the creature, but described it as a vile, perverted abomination that should not be allowed to mature. Bennu then sent us off to the Trinsic jail, stating that Lord Adamu should know what he was talking about.

  We arrived at the jail a short time later and were greeted by a somewhat surprised Adamu. His surprise quickly gave way to confusion as many in the group started trying to explain the situation all at once. After being told to slow down, a few people informed Adamu that we had been sent by Bennu regarding some sort of creature he would not speak of in detail. At first Adamu seemed to just brush it off as some sort of joke, telling us the creature was just a myth. After a bit of prompting, he told us about this myth:

  “There is a creature born to nature, or so the myth goes. A seemingly normal creature that, once matured, will call all men and women to worship and drag them away from virtue, drag them away from whatever they cherish in their life.”

  He then asked us to follow him upstairs. Still trying to make sense of what I was jsut told, I was one of the last to follow, arriving just in time to see Adamu jumping down to the street below. I eventually followed, still lagging behind the rest of the group. As I finally caught up, I heard Adamu talking about how having Bellatrix in such a state was not without its risks and how this creature may somehow be related.

  Pushing my way through the crowd, I caught sight of a set of odd footprints heading off into the forest. I could hear Adamu bidding us farewell as he returned to the jail, but I was already tracking the prints northward. Eventually the prints turned to the west, and I, along with a few others, came to a small clearing where a fight had broken out. With the sounds of the fight surrounding me, I quickly summoned my dragon and joined in, not exactly sure at first what I was fighting.

  I soon caught sight of a calf, seemingly normal with the exception of its strange golden colouring. I found myself momentarily mesmerized by this strange creature, until I was struck to the ground by a rather savage cow that I hadn’t noticed approaching. The battle with the herd of bovine lasted for some time, until all that remained was the calf. Although under the full force of the group, it too fell in the end.

  We returned to the House of Virtues and Bennu, who was seemingly satisfied that the calf was dead. As I left the hall a short time later, I couldn’t help but wonder how the calf had come to exist, and what Adamu had meant when he said it could possibly be related to the current condition of Bellatrix.

  Once again, I find myself with more questions than answers, but for now dear readers, I must resign myself to the simple truth: the answers I seek now will only bring about more questions in the future.

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