[News] The Foul Wind Dissipates

October 23, 2011 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

“Think you can stop me? THEN COME GET SOME!!!”

The citizens of Atlantic had been challenged, and yesterday at high noon, they answered with what could only be described as a spectacular battle.

It had started out innocently enough, if one can consider taunts and slander innocent that is.

“Is this all you miserably ungrateful people could muster on a Saturday?”

“You don’t really look that evil.”

“Well, lets see what this world is made of shall we?”


“Alright, those who wish to be squashed under my thumb like ants… Come with me.

EM Bennu’s evil counterpart led us from the House of Virtues to the Britain graveyard and with a cry of “LET’S GET IT ON!” commenced trying to squash us like the ants he had just compared us to. He started the battle with a few Logs and some Bennu Birds. After a short time I found myself wondering if that was the best he could do. Apparently it wasn’t. Over the din of battle, I could hear Evil Bennu’s shouts of “You have no idea how dead all of you are!” It wasn’t long before the Relict Muses appeared, tougher than the Logs, but they too fell to our strength in the end.

“Poor little daemons.” I could see a wicked smile cross his face “We need more death, time to ramp it up a bit!” With that we were suddenly surrounded by Rabid Bennu Fans and Warhounds. Excrementals and Foul Winds soon joined the intensifying fray, along with packs of Hellhounds that forced people to split their focus regularly, slowing our progress.

Still far from finished, Evil Bennu summoned evil laughter and icky arachnids along with more Hellhounds and Putrefiers. Having watched his monsters fall around him seemed to have angered the evil EM. With an evil laugh, he declared When even his Relict Spider Larvae of Doom failed to stop us, Evil Bennu took matters into his own hands.

“Very well…”

 I turned to hear the evil EM better.

“Now you face the uncontainable rage…”

I braced myself for what was to come next.


He came at us full force, hitting us hard and tearing into our armour. More Hellhounds, Pyres, Poison Elementals and evil twins of pets, warriors and mages alike sent the scene at the graveyard into complete chaos. The final fight was long and hard, and with the near constant barrage from all sides, it at times seemed impossible. After what seemed like an eternity, Atlantic emerged from the fray victorious.

We returned to the House of Virtues where after a short time we were greeted by our EM Bennu, who explained to us that his evil twin likes to sneak out around Halloween. I heard someone in the crowd call out “We beat the evil out of him!”  With a small nod, Bennu agreed.

“Till  next year.”

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