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The Cure.

I heard a rumor about a new camp been build at the fisherman village north of the Royal city in Ter Mur.

When we arrived at the camps we saw this disturbing sign at the entrance.

Quarantine area!

I had to go in to see what was going on.

What i saw was very disturbing!

I noticed some very sick gargoyles walking around the camp.

Inside the buildings there where a lot of working places that where set up as a alchemy workbench.

Looking trough the camp i saw mysterious person.

When i came closer he asked if i could help him and gave me two books.

I started to read the documents the mysterious healer gave me.

A plea for help

By (unknown)

Greetings Traveler!

I am overjoyed at your willingness to assist these afflicted gargoyles.

It is without question that your action are virtuous and I commend thee.

Fortunately I have been able to work out the basic reagents needed in the preparations of the cure.

Firstly you will require the Cuticle Sac of a Terathan as a binding agent.

These can be found on Terathan creatures within their keep on the outskirts of Papua.

Secondly, to combat the foul taste of the preparation you will require vanilla.

Vanilla can be found on various paragon creatures in Ilshenar, or those with a green thumb the raw plant can be cultivated from seeds found on creatures deep within the Exodus dungeon.

Third, in order to create the necessary solvent to dissolve the healing attributes of the cure you will require Raw Yeast.

Raw Yeast is often carried by Orcs as a common cooking ingredient in their foul tasting breads!

Fourth as sustenance for the Raw Yeast you shall require Sugar.

Sugar can also be found on Paragon creatures in Ilshenar.

For the horticulturist raw sugar cane can be cultivated from seeds found on Juka Magi,Kappa, or Plague Beasts.

Finally, you will require Blightborn Slime as a means of building immunity to this horrible blight.

My research indicates the slimes occur naturally within the depths of the Britain Sewers.

And the swamp south of Destard.

Once you’ve collected the reagents your task is to assist the the preparing the cure.

While the reagents necessary will always be the same, the combination in which they are to be used changes with each attempt at the reaction.

Succeed in determining the combination and your reaction will yield the cure!

Turn in your prepared cure in to me so that I can see that it is delivered to those afflicted .

For your assistance in this matter Queen Zhah has authorized unlocking the Royal Vault and as such should you be among those who turn in the most cures you shall be eligible for reward.

I thank thee again for your assistance. Only together and united shall our effort result in success, so that we may see the end of this horrid Blight!

I know now what i had to do.

When i got home i send out several of my friends to the location to collect the ingredients and i asked Scorpio to start growing a lot of Vanilla and Sugar as he can.

It is a good thing he already stocked up a big load on them.

I talked to several Grandmaster Alchemists to go to the camp side to try to make the cure.

Bochel, Jessica Slyfox and Seinentai gathered the reagents they had and traveled as fast as they could to the camp.

They all took a place at one of the alchemist workbench.

Before they started they read the second book i had received.

Laboratory Procedure

By (unknown)

Once you have collected the necessary reagents you may attempt to decipher the combination of each reagent necessary for the cure.

To begin your work visit the makeshift laboratories setup in the buildings here.

There, you will find a laboratory bench.

Of particular note the Flask, Heating Stand, and Tongs.

To add reagents, double click the flask.

You may add up to three of each reagent, and must add at least one of each reagent.

To empty the flask and get back the reagents added, double click the tongs.

When you are ready to test your combination use the heating stand.

You will begin the heating the contents and the numbers of correct reagents will be returned to you.

With each guess the reaction will become increasingly unstable, until ultimately if you do not succeed at preparing the cure, the reaction will catastrophically fail.

The combination of reagents changes with each success , and each catastrophic failure.

The alchemist knew now what to do and started to combine the reagents.

At first they had no idea what combination would be a good one.

It looked not easy to find the right combination.

Several flasks even blew up in their faces.

But my friends new that many lives dependant on their knowledge of alchemy.

Step by step they came closer to the right combination.

And then after some time…


A combination was found and poured in to a bottle.

Bochel ran to the Mysterious healer to give him the first bottle of the cure.

The healer was very happy to see this cure!

This was just the first bottle of many needed.

I will send all my friends out to gather as many reagents they can and ask my alchemist friends to work on as many bottles of cure they can.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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