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The Coronation.

My spies informed me about that a coronation of a new king in the world above in Blackthorns castle.

Maybe it was time to show me again to the people who defeated me, as far they know i am death.

Months have passed since Jigsaw brought me back on Fire Island and i had plenty of time to regain all my strenght…..and more.

A attack on a professor was good to start some trouble but killing a new king would make me infamous!

The fear and hatred from a assassination like this would give me even more power.

To come this close to a king i need a good disguise, my cloak of death can hide my appearance a little from the guards.

Its also perfect to hide my deadly dagger in one of the sleeves.

And i will take this old chaos shield with me, maybe this foul them enough to get inside.

When i walked over the bridge that leads into blackthorn castle i passed several guards.

The shield seemed to work to walk by these foolish guards.

Its been a long time since the last time i was here but the castle have been changed a lot since then.

A huge statue of Blackthorn in the center of the castle.

I followed the many citizens inside the castle and found myself shortly in the throne room.

So many people came to witness this coronation.

I will just stand in between this crowd and strike when the time is right.

A Paladin appeared, it was Dupre!

*Dupre raised his hands to call for silence*

“Fellow Britannians! For some time our great lands have been wrought with Strife.

Whilst I battled fiercely the Sorceress Minax and her forces in Felucca, I watched as the land of Trammel was left to its own divide.

 Cities tore away and the nobility ignored the peasantry in the absence of a Crown.

 Taking advantage of this distraction the vile Exodus, freed through greed, tore the lands of Ilshenar asunder.

 Many of you stood by my side as we valiantly defeated the Demon.

 But with its death a darker and more sinister evil was released upon the Honor Moongate.

Trouble would not end there…displaced from their native Ver Lor Reg, the Gargish faced a deadly plague with no hope for cure.
Then I heard news from a tiny fishing village in Ter Mur.

And just when I thought mine ears had been deceived before me stood Lord Blackthorn, but not as a twisted clockwork beast…but as I once knew him, diligently assisting the afflicted gargoyles.
News travelled quickly of his return and before long his healing would once again be our savior.

 In a spectacular display of the arcane arts the evil that had shattered the Honor moongate was purged and the Moongate was once again restored to its brilliant blue.
It would seem things in our world occur in threes, and so is the case with Blackthorn’s return.

Only a noble of his status could reunite Britannia’s fractured Cities and appease the troubled populace…”


There he was… Lord Blackthorn himself… this was my chance….but….when i looked around the throne room i did not just notice supporters of this new king…. i saw some old Lord British guards too.

Not everyone seemed to be happy with blackthorn as new King.

And i did not see several knights of Virtues….Maybe they don’t accept this new King, after all he still wears the sign of chaos.

Maybe killing him now is too soon…. maybe i can use this conflict between the humans to start some trouble.

A new war between chaos and order would benefit me and my master.


“My Lords and Ladies, for too long has Britannia been without proper rule.

 For too long has Trammel been without guidance.

It is clear from his actions that this man is not the deformed evil many came to know, but instead our hope for the future.
With the support of the Nobility and the thanks of Queen Zhah, her citizens, and Britannian’s everywhere it is my privilege and honor as a Champion of Britannia to hereby Crown you, Lord Blackthorn, as King of Britannia!”

*Dupre places the crown Blackthorn’s head*

King Blackthorn:

“I humble accept this great honor and pledge to protect all citizens!

We want to thank the people for their confidence and prepared you a little gift!

Please go through the moongate,there you will find a statue,please touch it twice,We wish you a good night!”


Before i stepped trough the moongate i had one last look at the new King.

I don’t know if this King is ready to bring his people into brighter days but i know i will do anything in my power to prevent that.

He is the Lord of Chaos…. and chaos is what i will bring to these lands..


When i traveled trough the gate i found myself near another huge statue, when i touched it i received a deed for a replica of the Kings throne.

I will tell me slaves to build it in our own throne room.

It will perfect when my master returns to take his rightful place as ruler of Sosaria.


The whole coronation from Drachenfels can be seen on :

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