[News] Revenge of the Enchantress.

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Revenge of the Enchantress.

Brittannia, A beautiful world…..most of the time.

Now I’m walking these lands as a outcast….wanted for treason by the crown!

For years we trying to do good for all the people, and this is our reward.

All of this because a impostor took my place as Governor of Jhelom at the governors meeting with the King.

Stella still has faith that she still can solve the problem but we are loosing that faith.

For years the Virtues guided us…..Maybe the time has come to leave everything behind!

Maybe we need to look one last time around….

When I asked a town crier the news he gave me some disturbing news!


I’m divided in my thoughts, The crown should deal with this problem….But part of me tells me to check it out.

I noticed a strange lighthouse in the town of Minoc in Felucca.


It looks like it was magically protected.

I tried to damage with my sword but it was no use.

Then I noticed a group of monsters surrounding some sort of Captain.


I had to kill them, I crashed into them and killed several.

This Captain seems to be Master of his elementals, He seemed to be well protected , you could say Invulnerable, as long these elementals are protecting him.

The elementals died fast but although I was able to notice that the captain was not longer invulnerable, he was still a very strong opponent.

I felt I had to retreat until I know more of this invasion.

I went to check out the Invasion in New Magincia in Trammel.

Again i saw the strange lighthouse but different kind of monsters here.


It seems to be some sort of Nature creatures.

Again they were protecting some Captains.


Maybe they had something to do with the lighthouses.

I had to kill them!

It took all my skills and my best tactics to defeat one.

After checking his corpse I found a strange bow.


I could not believe my eyes when I noticed the Crest of Minax on it!

Not again!

I had to kill more of them!

I fought my way through the town and killed as many I could.

After killing several Captains I noticed the magical field around the lighthouse was gone.

I started bashing at it and it started to crumble.


But after some time I was pushed back and the magical forcefield was returned.


Now I understand that the Captains and the lighthouse forcefield and linked together!

We had to kill more Captains to take the field down.

It was a lot of work but after defeating dozens of Captains we were able to destroy the lighthouse.


The town was save again, maybe this was my last battle I had fought, I dropped my sword on the ground….But then a friend came running to me.

“Governor Frarc! Britain is under attack! Please help us!” he said.

He picked up my sword and said they needed me, no matter what Lord Blackthorn said, that we are traitors.

How can I abandon my friends?

I nodded to my friend and told him to warn all Governors, Citizens, Friends and Allies, We will fight together to stop these invasions!

Together we will fight to save Britannia again!


We will take the risk to get caught and be arrested but maybe i can proof that I’m no traitor to the kingdom!

After a long battle I went back to Jhelom and talked to my Sheriff.

I gave him the bows with the crest of Minax on.

I told him to find a agent of the crown, I know there is one in every city.

Agentofthe Crown


Maybe the agents of the crown will know what to do with these weapons.


Maybe if we are lucky, the people who turn in these items will be Rewarded.

I need a meeting with the other Governors, We need to work out a battle plan!

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