[News] Of Wisps and Anvils

November 26, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News


Upon my arrival in Vesper Wednesday night, the city appeared to be once again overwhelmed by wisps.  Looking around for a reason for their being there, I heard whispers of a place known as Winter Spur; a snowy tundra in the mountains of Isamu-Jima. As I journeyed to Winter Spur, I came across the Lady Sofia Elias, who was also curious about the wisps. Upon our arrival, we found Winter Spur overridden with Drones, and that the Governor of Vesper, Lady Khaleesi, and Doctor Hawk, the High Physician of Britannia, were already there and speaking with what appeared to be the Wisp in command.


The Xorinite World-Builder was explaining to those gathered its intentions of remaking our world using the World Anvil; and that Zento was the foothold where they would commence. “Xorinite Stop Vesper Remake Zento Chosen Bargain Made Negative Resistance Dust Colorless Heatless Dust Fuel For Anvil To Remake” It claimed that the Xorinite were Pure, and that Sosaria was not true life, nor were we true lifeforms. With the remaking of Sosaria, our existence would be forfeit. It stated that the Timelord didn’t matter, as they were already here in our world.

Though the Timelord was the Gatekeeper, the door had been left unguarded. When Aleksandre Biggering bred the White Hind, he tipped the Balance, opening the door and allowing the Xorinite to enter. When the white fawns were destroyed, the balance was restored, and they were trapped. The World-Builder was adamant that our existence was forfeit and that resistance was impossible.

The next night, a large group travelled to Sheon’s lair in the mountains of Covetous, in order to speak with him regarding the impending threat of the Xorinite Wisps. Sheon explained that we did not seek to destroy the Xorinite, as it was not possible. Our objective was to steal back what they took. We were to steal back the World Anvil.


“Your King has signed a writ of war against the Xorinite. Will you ride?”

As we arrived to the entrance to the cave leading into Winter Spur, we were met by Lord Fabian d’Hardt, a rather interesting man whom I recall meeting once before during the plague of Trinsic. He had been sent by his Majesty, King Blackthorn, to fight the Xorinite.


For the first several minutes, we attempted to push our way out of the cave and onto the tundra, all the while being forced back by Xorinite Drones. Lord Fabian’s voice rang out amid the roar of dragons and clash of steel “Caves are not for fighting, Advance upon the enemy!” We continued to fight, eventually breaking out onto the tundra of Winter Spur, and then things began to take a turn for the worse.





Wave after wave of Drones washed over the crowd, pushing us back as we struggled to move forward. Many stood their ground, and many fell. A mixture of shouts and resurrection incantations could be heard from all over as mages and skilled healers alike attempted to dodge the wisps and return the fallen spirits to their bodies. The calls of those wishing to retreat were met by Lord d’Hardt urging them to continue, to steal back the anvil before it was too late.


After what seemed like an eternity, Lord d’Hardt’s shouts could once again be heard over the din of combat “The Anvil has been stolen back from the Xorinite! Advance upon the world-builder!”


The battle was long and hard, with increasing numbers of drones appearing to aid the world-builder. Blades clashed, spells exploded and the roar of dragons filled the air. Despite their injuries and the numerous losses, this day, the people of Sosaria reigned victorious.

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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