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August 25, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Memorable Moment

Orignal Post on UO Herald

From Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong

To help us celebrate our 15th year anniversary we have come up with a nice piece of art that will be the reward for this writing contest.

We will be picking 5 winners from each shard.

 The players that write the best story about their most memorable moment in UO will be sent a code to redeem for one of these robes.

The rules are as follows:

-Must be between 250 to 500 words

-Deadline September 15th

-Essays will be judged based on originality, content, and how well they capture what is special about the memorable moment they have chosen to describe.

-Winners and their essays will be announced on the Herald

-Codes will be mailed to you by Mesanna by October 6th

-Mail your entries to your shard Event Moderator. If you do not have an EM on your shard, please email your entries to [email protected]

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to reading your stories.  Here is a sneak preview of the reward for this contest.

Psst!!! Notice ladies we have a robe that fits us!!

The E-mail for our Drachenfels EM Borbarad : [email protected]

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