[NEWS] Kings Meeting Minutes 27Apr2014

April 28, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News

[15:34:16] [King Blackthorn]: I believe it is time for us to begin
[15:34:54] [King Blackthorn]: Is anyone here to represent Britain?
[15:35:30] [King Blackthorn]: On to business then.
[15:35:51] [King Blackthorn]: First off, I would like to welcome Lord Eli Cross to the Council.
[15:35:58] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Cross will be representing Vesper.
[15:36:03] [Sam]: hail!
[15:36:40] [Sam]: hi willie
[15:36:42] [Sam]: d
[15:36:46] [King Blackthorn]: Secondly, it has been proposed that there be an adjustment to Governor’s terms.
[15:36:48] [Wee Willie Winki]: hi
[15:37:11] [King Blackthorn]: As it is, the terms are a little short to plan much activity.
[15:37:50] [King Blackthorn]: With the next term, I believe we will have 6 month terms, if things stay on schedule.
[15:37:59] [Sam]: ahh
[15:38:08] [The Gooch]: Exellent news, Sire
[15:38:18] [King Blackthorn]: This will allow time between election cycles to accomplish more.
[15:38:25] [The Gooch]: you got this old timer
[15:38:35] [King Blackthorn]: I would hope not Lord Ironfist.
[15:39:03] [King Blackthorn]: There is more general business to discuss, but I will hold that for the end of the meeting.
[15:39:23] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Cross. Would you like to begin?
[15:39:29] [Kattasrophe]: :)
[15:39:55] [Eli Cross]: Ahh Of course
[15:40:03] [King Blackthorn]: Please approach the podium here
[15:40:19] [Arradin]: i trust it this seat wasnt taken?
[15:40:29] [Aelfric]: 88nope
[15:40:33] [Hoffs]: Shall I go first so you have time to prepare?
[15:40:55] [Eli Cross]: Well,truthfuly I have little to report,yet
[15:41:12] [King Blackthorn]: If there is no news, that is an acceptable report.
[15:41:20] [King Blackthorn]: No News is generally Good News. *smiles*
[15:41:36] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Hoffs? Would you please proceed?
[15:41:57] [Hoffs]: The following report is from governor York:
[15:42:12] [Hoffs]: My apoligies for not attending the meeting today
[15:42:25] [Hoffs]: however I have other matters to attend to.
[15:42:40] [Hoffs]: Skara Brae, and the citizens of this fair land,
[15:43:13] [Hoffs]: have been successful in clearing out the vermin vorpal bunnies infestation in the fields.
[15:43:26] [Hoffs]: This will help ensure a bountiful harvest.
[15:43:50] [Hoffs]: In other financial matters, the trade deal with the Bardic Collegium has been renewed
[15:43:56] [Hoffs]: without much delay.
[15:44:14] [Hoffs]: The current balance in the treasury will ensure at leats one more renewal.
[15:44:41] [Hoffs]: The Skara Subsidy program seems to have some interest and if more vendors can be set up
[15:45:15] [Hoffs]: under it it, it will prove to keep basic need items in stock and readily available.
[15:45:34] [Hoffs]: This should help the kingdon grow id the most basic need is easily fulfilled.
[15:45:49] [Hoffs]: All other matters appear to be in order.
[15:45:57] [Hoffs]: Signed York, governor of Skara Brae
[15:46:10] [Hoffs]: And if I may just add something of my own:
[15:46:18] [Hoffs]: As most people are probably aware,
[15:46:24] [Hoffs]: a public auction will be taking place on May 10th
[15:46:24] [The Gooch]: ^^
[15:46:29] [Hoffs]: to help raise funds for the town treasuries.
[15:46:34] [Hoffs]: A commission of 5% will be charged on lots sold,
[15:46:40] [Hoffs]: and this will be distributed amongst the participating towns.
[15:46:47] [Hoffs]: It is also possible for people to donate items to be sold entirely for the benefit of the towns,
[15:46:56] [Hoffs]: and there has actually been an amazing community response for this so far,
[15:47:03] [Hoffs]: with some very generous donations.
[15:47:08] [Hoffs]: Full details of the auction event will be announced nearer the date,
[15:47:14] [Hoffs]: along with the final list of items for sale,
[15:47:19] [Hoffs]: and there will be an opportunity for people to make advance bids
[15:47:24] [The Gooch]: We hpe to see you there, Kingy
[15:47:26] [Hoffs]: if they are unable to attend the event.
[15:47:32] [Hoffs]: But in the meantime, if anyone has any items they wish to sell,
[15:47:37] [King Blackthorn]: I look forward to hearing more of this. I encourage the cooperation.
[15:47:41] [Hoffs]: please see the local newspapers and send me a pigeon.
[15:48:12] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe of Moonglow. Would you like to speak?
[15:48:21] [Kattasrophe]: Yes M’lord
[15:48:48] [Kattasrophe]: As Hoffs just said a few moments ago about the auctions,
[15:48:55] [Kattasrophe]: I do encourage everyone to attend
[15:49:13] [Kattasrophe]: The more that is there the better chances for our city treasuarys
[15:49:32] [Kattasrophe]: As for Reports on Moonglow,
[15:49:50] [Kattasrophe]: At our last governors meeting I mentioned of a carnival event
[15:50:07] [Kattasrophe]: It was sucessful and many enjoyed the fun.
[15:50:34] [Kattasrophe]: Me and several citizens have been working on the Mongbat infestation
[15:50:54] [Kattasrophe]: and now the rate being born is at about 60% down now
[15:51:10] [Kattasrophe]: So Thank you to the people who have been helping with that.
[15:51:41] [Kattasrophe]: Today I will be switching the trade deal to the Assians Guild
[15:51:58] [Kattasrophe]: so for the people with weapons will get their turn.
[15:52:18] [Kattasrophe]: I have seen some donations to the zoo and I would like to thank the people
[15:52:24] [Kattasrophe]: who have been donating animalsthere.
[15:52:46] [Kelmo]: live animals?
[15:52:49] [Kattasrophe]: I do encourage that people continue to do it to restore our Moonglow zoo
[15:52:58] [Kattasrophe]: Yes, Live animals *smiles*
[15:53:26] [Kattasrophe]: Also,
[15:53:36] [Kattasrophe]: I will be running for Governor again
[15:53:56] [Kattasrophe]: and I want to hear from everyone about ideas that could help any of the cities
[15:54:04] [Kelmo]: I will buy ya several votes
[15:54:17] [Kattasrophe]: *laughs* Thank you Kelmo :)
[15:54:29] [Kattasrophe]: I also encourage
[15:54:37] [Kattasrophe]: people to help others
[15:54:45] [Kattasrophe]: If someone helps out another
[15:54:49] [Kattasrophe]: and that person helps someone
[15:54:57] [Kattasrophe]: we can create a chain reaction
[15:55:01] [Kattasrophe]: of helpfulness
[15:55:12] [Kattasrophe]: That is all.
[15:55:37] [Hoffs]: Well said, Lady Kattasrophe.
[15:55:49] [Kattasrophe]: *smiles* Thank you
[15:55:53] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lady Kattasrophe.
[15:56:17] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Kelmo. How fares Trinsic and your quest to tame the Faction Rogues?
[15:56:43] [Kelmo]: *sighs* I gotta follow that…
[15:57:10] [Morgan Ironfist]: ZZZZZZ
[15:57:13] [Morgan Ironfist]: zzz
[15:57:44] [Kelmo]: he is old… it is expected
[15:58:03] [Hoffs]: Looking very dapper today, governor.
[15:58:14] [Kelmo]: Why thank you!
[15:58:26] [Kattasrophe]: *smiles* indeed he is Hoffs
[15:58:37] [Kelmo]: Well as for Trinsic… still broken
[15:59:01] [Kelmo]: even the bulletin board is all busted up
[15:59:23] [Kelmo]: just saying
[15:59:37] [King Blackthorn]: I shall request that it be checked.
[15:59:51] [Kelmo]: And what is with that volcano in the middle of town?
[16:00:09] [Kelmo]: seriously?
[16:00:18] [Kelmo]: a volcano?
[16:00:29] [Sam]: ^hard to control nature *
[16:00:30] [Kattasrophe]: er are you sure it isnt fire?
[16:00:35] [King Blackthorn]: Mother Nature does as she will. ’tis not one I’d like to fight.
[16:00:49] [Kelmo]: well ya asked…
[16:01:31] [Kelmo]: I have the clothier deal going now…
[16:01:49] [Kelmo]: Just because. no one else does?
[16:02:26] [King Blackthorn]: I guess that explains the new outfit. *smiles*
[16:02:46] [Kelmo]: I would still like to know how many if not who are citizens
[16:03:07] [Kelmo]: yeah
[16:03:10] [Kelmo]: that
[16:03:16] [Sam]: taking the trade deal?
[16:03:16] [The Gooch]: ^^
[16:03:30] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lord Kelmo. *smiles*
[16:03:40] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Hugibear?
[16:03:47] [King Blackthorn]: oh… nevermind. *sighs*
[16:04:00] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Gooch. What can you tell us of Minoc?
[16:04:07] [Susie]: .
[16:04:16] [The Gooch]: Hail Party Sosarians!
[16:04:29] [Hoffs]: !
[16:04:29] [The Gooch]: whats hanging kingster
[16:04:32] [Kattasrophe]: !
[16:04:37] [The Gooch]: Good new for Minoc!
[16:05:02] [Kattasrophe]: *glances at the shiny crown* Still there ‘Lord
[16:05:03] [The Gooch]: Since we last spoke a number of new citizens have arrived in Minoc
[16:05:15] [The Gooch]: All sporting super cool and flashy town titles
[16:05:30] [The Gooch]: ^^
[16:05:40] [The Gooch]: We do have one request from the citizens
[16:05:58] [The Gooch]: Most of which seem to be miners extracting the precious material from mount kendall
[16:06:21] [King Blackthorn]: *Whispers to Kattasrophe* Can you interpret that into the King’s Language for me?
[16:06:25] [The Gooch]: They ask for more caves to mine in order to reach the gems and ore they crave so much.
[16:06:31] [Wee Willie Winki]: Mount Winki
[16:06:43] [Kattasrophe]: perhaps uh after the meeting?
[16:06:58] [The Gooch]: Other than that Barter Town is taking care of Minoc as if it were our own child
[16:07:13] [The Gooch]: Rest Assured Kingy that thecity is safe.
[16:07:18] [The Gooch]: Barter Town or Die
[16:07:50] [Troop]: ““““`hooray!
[16:08:00] [The Gooch]: get some energy in here!!
[16:08:02] [King Blackthorn]: If the miners need more space, I would suggest the mountains south of the City would be available to them.
[16:08:21] [Talia]: dark wisps
[16:08:22] [Troop]: is it safe to mine there?
[16:08:28] [The Gooch]: I will pass that along king but im sure they would prefer less travel
[16:08:29] [Kelmo]: and pirates
[16:08:51] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Ironfist? What is the news from New Magincia?
[16:09:00] [Jerika DarkStorm]: Something wrong with pirates/
[16:09:03] [Jerika DarkStorm]: ?
[16:09:16] [Morgan Ironfist]: No News from new mag my king
[16:09:32] [Morgan Ironfist]: the trade deal with the Assassins guild is still in effect
[16:09:35] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[16:09:47] [Morgan Ironfist]: the methods of raising money for it prove successful
[16:09:57] [Morgan Ironfist]: commerce is good
[16:10:09] [Morgan Ironfist]: and the city seems well denfended…
[16:10:14] [Morgan Ironfist]: Thank you
[16:10:17] [Kelmo]: over charging for armor? *winks*
[16:10:26] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Governor.
[16:10:57] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Sam. How is the fair city of Jhelom?
[16:11:00] [Morgan Ironfist]: if ppl pay the prce that is asked, it is not overcharging Lord Kelmo
[16:11:11] [Sam]: hail
[16:11:26] [Sam]: I do not intend to do any trafe deals
[16:11:31] [Sam]: but
[16:11:46] [Sam]: we are raising $$$ for other cities
[16:12:04] [Sam]: i do have several requests
[16:12:16] [Sam]: 1) We need a stable
[16:12:25] [Sam]: desprately
[16:12:50] [Troop]: a stable yes
[16:12:57] [Sam]: 2) I would like to see a buliteen board placed in the governprs offices
[16:13:31] [Sam]: 3) we would love to host some fight in the dueling pits
[16:13:38] [Sam]: s
[16:14:05] [Sam]: 4) Congrats to Gilfane on their monument
[16:14:23] [Kelmo]: Indeed!
[16:14:33] [Hoffs]: Thank you….was coming to that in a moment.
[16:14:46] [Sam]: 5) we hope to give ene more support to Kat for her activeires in Moonglow
[16:14:52] [Sam]: hope
[16:15:05] [Kattasrophe]: *smiles* Very kind of you
[16:15:08] [Sam]: questions?
[16:15:32] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lord Sam.
[16:15:38] [Kelmo]: well said
[16:15:46] [Troop]: yay!
[16:15:56] [King Blackthorn]: I shall request a feasibility study for the Stables and Bulletin Board Suggestions.
[16:16:05] [Troop]: nice
[16:16:13] [King Blackthorn]: I would also encourage an event in the Dueling Pits.
[16:16:26] [King Blackthorn]: I look forward to hearing more from you regarding this.
[16:16:29] [Talia]: cock fights!!!
[16:16:35] [Hoffs]: May I briefly add something, sire?
[16:16:48] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe? You had a comment?
[16:16:49] [Kelmo]: I second that
[16:16:52] [Kattasrophe]: Yes,
[16:17:14] [Kattasrophe]: Currently I am working on a fighting event
[16:17:29] [Kattasrophe]: now that the Jhelom pits have been suggested
[16:17:42] [Kattasrophe]: I think I will be working with Sam
[16:17:47] [Kattasrophe]: to hold that event.
[16:17:57] [Kattasrophe]: That is all. *smiles*
[16:18:05] [King Blackthorn]: And Lady Hoffs?
[16:18:15] [Hoffs]: Acting this time in my capacity as head of Gilfane city-state,
[16:18:22] [Hoffs]: I would just like to give special thanks to the king
[16:18:27] [Hoffs]: for his official recognition of our community.
[16:18:34] [Hoffs]: We have waited a long time for this moment,
[16:18:40] [Hoffs]: and it means a great deal to us.
[16:18:45] [Hoffs]: I hope that it encourages other communites to step forth
[16:18:52] [Hoffs]: and establish their own identities in the world.
[16:18:56] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles* I am most glad to see this step forward and hope to see many more.
[16:19:00] [Kelmo]: *nods* It means a great deal to a lot of us.
[16:19:28] [Kelmo]: Too late for me…
[16:19:39] [King Blackthorn]: And now, would any of the citizens like to speak?
[16:19:46] [King Blackthorn]: If not, we have more business pending.
[16:20:03] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Talia. Please approach.
[16:20:25] [Talia]: I’d like to speak on behalf of the Mongbat Population of Moonglow
[16:20:38] [Susie]: .
[16:20:55] [Talia]: Much like our own society, there are Good and Evil Mongbats
[16:21:01] [King Blackthorn]: *peers closely* You do not look like Czarina. But you sound like her.
[16:21:10] [Sam]: heheheh
[16:21:11] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[16:21:15] [Talia]: Some Mongbats are quite amenable to being tamed
[16:21:26] [Kelmo]: grilled too
[16:21:32] [Kattasrophe]: now Kelmo..
[16:21:34] [Hoffs]: hehe
[16:21:37] [Talia]: With a little encouragement, the tamers of the land could form
[16:21:45] [Talia]: a Moonglow Mongbat Militia
[16:22:05] [Talia]: and deploying their winged troops around the city
[16:22:08] [Kelmo]: I thought that was TB?
[16:22:29] [Talia]: they could cut down on the population of evil hostile mongbats
[16:22:55] [Talia]: In fact, after being guided by the tamers for a short while
[16:23:09] [Talia]: they would perform this service even when out of the tamer’s control
[16:23:30] [Talia]: That is all
[16:23:48] [Sam]: hmmm
[16:23:54] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lady Talia. I would suggest working with Governor Kattasrophe on this.
[16:24:14] [Kattasrophe]: oops..
[16:24:17] [King Blackthorn]: and perhaps Lord Kelmo’s clothiers can make small uniforms for them. *grins*
[16:24:23] [Hoffs]: hehe
[16:24:24] [Sam]: lol
[16:24:27] [The Gooch]: ^^
[16:24:43] [King Blackthorn]: Are there others who would like to speak.
[16:24:56] [Aelfric]: I
[16:25:15] [King Blackthorn]: Aelfric. Please approach the podium.
[16:25:15] [Aelfric]: I would just like to say
[16:25:32] [Aelfric]: The recent acts of aggression
[16:25:40] [Aelfric]: from the True Brittanians
[16:25:45] [Aelfric]: against the council of mages
[16:25:47] [Aelfric]: have been quelled
[16:25:54] [Aelfric]: and the prices will be kept low
[16:26:04] [Aelfric]: and the citizen will be able to acquire basic needs
[16:26:10] [Aelfric]: thanks to the bravery of my comrades
[16:26:11] [Aelfric]: thank you
[16:26:15] [The Gooch]: ^^
[16:26:21] [Talia]: TB Horse Breeder gots Warts!
[16:26:54] [King Blackthorn]: I had not noticed such agression except for a defense of their own. Perhaps I should watch closer.
[16:27:05] [Kelmo]: These statements are true…
[16:27:34] [Kelmo]: The mages keep the prices low
[16:27:40] [King Blackthorn]: Are there others?
[16:28:06] [Kelmo]: at this moment the mages control all the cities
[16:28:25] [Troop]: a monopoly
[16:28:31] [King Blackthorn]: If not, then I must announce with regret the loss of Lord Pureheart, the Guardian of the Candle of Love.
[16:28:57] [The Gooch]: A sad day indeed
[16:29:01] [Kelmo]: I am sorry
[16:29:02] [King Blackthorn]: It seems that the corruption of the Candle was too much for him and he passes away this week.
[16:30:34] [King Blackthorn]: I understand that his daughter Hope Pureheart is working in his place
[16:30:40] [The Gooch]: Aye
[16:30:44] [King Blackthorn]: to determine how to cleanse the candle.
[16:30:50] [King Blackthorn]: and that she requested aid.
[16:30:56] [King Blackthorn]: Can anyone report on this event?
[16:31:02] [The Gooch]: I can, King
[16:31:26] [King Blackthorn]: Please proceed Lord Gooch
[16:31:51] [The Gooch]: Myself and Lord Aelfric spent many hours working with Hope
[16:31:54] [Kelmo]: Use short words if you must…
[16:32:02] [The Gooch]: In order to discover 5 words of power
[16:32:22] [The Gooch]: I am happy to report that we have discovered all five words of power
[16:32:42] [King Blackthorn]: Please enlighten us.
[16:33:05] [The Gooch]: Lord Pureheart named his children after the virtues
[16:33:20] [The Gooch]: and then sent each one to learn of the virtue they were named for
[16:34:00] [The Gooch]: Mercy Pureheart Discovered the power word of Compassion to be Vilis
[16:34:25] [The Gooch]: Righteous Pureheart found the power word for Justice is Malum
[16:34:48] [The Gooch]: Gift Pureheart Found that the power word for sacrifice is Avidus
[16:35:08] [The Gooch]: Faith Pureheart Discovered the power word for spirit to be Ignavus
[16:35:26] [The Gooch]: and lastly Modesty Pureheart discovered the power word of humily to be Veramacor
[16:35:56] [The Gooch]: That was all i was able to uncover
[16:36:02] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you for the very detailed report. *smiles*
[16:36:06] [The Gooch]: Hope said for me to report these finding to you
[16:36:09] [The Gooch]: ^^
[16:36:15] [Kelmo]: OK I am back… could ya go through all of that again?
[16:36:33] [Hoffs]: Well done, governor Gooch.
[16:36:33] [King Blackthorn]: Does Hope feel that she is close to a solution?
[16:36:34] [Kelmo]: heh
[16:36:42] [Kelmo]: just kidding
[16:36:49] [The Gooch]: I hope so
[16:36:51] [The Gooch]: hehehe get it
[16:37:00] [The Gooch]: ^^
[16:37:21] [Aelfric]: she did, indeed, seem excited to learn the words of power
[16:37:27] [King Blackthorn]: I recommend that we adjourn the meeting and pay a visit to Hope. I believe she may have an answer for us.
[16:37:35] [The Gooch]: lets do it!
[16:37:36] [King Blackthorn]: Shall wo go to the Abbey?
[16:38:34] [Kelmo]: all rushing off to many deaths

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