NEWS Kings Meeting Minutes 26Jan2014

January 28, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

 [19:02:26] [King Blackthorn]: Greetings Everyone.
[19:02:31] [Union Jill]: greetings
[19:02:32] [Queen Arya]: scribbles
[19:02:33] [Captn Norrington]: greetings
[19:02:34] [Whitefire]: greetings my sirte
[19:02:34] [Scribbles]: hail
[19:02:37] [Count Cagliastro]: *bows*
[19:02:38] [Connor MacManus]: hello!
[19:02:39] [Whitefire]: sire
[19:02:40] [Connor MacManus]: WE HAVE A DEATH IN THE YARD!!!
[19:02:40] [Queen Arya]: hold a sec
[19:02:46] [Lew]: Who has died?
[19:02:47] [King Blackthorn]: A Death?
[19:02:50] [Connor MacManus]: yes!
[19:02:53] [Connor MacManus]: a body
[19:02:55] [Connor MacManus]: dr hawk is there
[19:03:06] [King Blackthorn]: *glances over to Sunwolf*
[19:03:10] [King Blackthorn]: If you would Governor?
[19:03:15] [SunWolf]: *nods*
[19:03:26] [Lew]: *groans*
[19:03:36] [King Blackthorn]: I hereby call this meeting of the King’s Council to Order.
[19:03:41] [Galathan]: *puts hand on the back of the chair*
[19:03:45] [Lew]: Gal, do have have any of that tonic left?
[19:03:52] [Galathan]: *hands him the tonic*
[19:03:58] [King Blackthorn]: We have a bit of business this evening.
[19:04:01] [Lew]: *drinks*
[19:04:07] [King Blackthorn]: Nothing too rough, from my end though.
[19:04:34] [King Blackthorn]: First the fact that Lord Tazar took a shot at me in the courtyard is disconcerting.
[19:04:51] [King Blackthorn]: Nothing I couldn’t handle of course.
[19:04:54] [Galathan]: *gasps*
[19:04:55] [King Blackthorn]: *looks to Sunwolf*
[19:05:01] [Lew]: *looks stunned*
[19:05:03] [SunWolf]: Governor of Minoc, was slain
[19:05:04] [Sunshine Berry]: Excuse My Lord
[19:05:14] [Lew]: *gasp*
[19:05:16] [Sunshine Berry]: Govenor Yosrf has been Murdered
[19:05:20] [King Blackthorn]: Maybe the Arrow missed me, and hit him?
[19:05:32] [Andrasta]: ohmigod
[19:05:39] [King Blackthorn]: Tazar drew his bow against the realm this evening.
[19:05:44] [Sunshine Berry]: Dr Hawk is there as we speak
[19:05:47] [Lew]: Tazar hit Yosef?
[19:05:47] [Andrasta]: why is no one safe here?
[19:06:04] [King Blackthorn]: *frowns*
[19:06:07] [Queen Arya]: where is tazar now?
[19:06:09] [Daphnie]: *sighs*
[19:06:11] [Caspar]: *watches over milady intentively*
[19:06:13] [Lew]: I thought Brit was safe under the rule of Solus
[19:06:19] [King Blackthorn]: He ran, the guards and I gave chase, but he got away.
[19:06:21] [Sinful Obsession]: *laughs*
[19:06:30] [Lew]: *scratches head*
[19:06:35] [King Blackthorn]: I was going to say this evening…
[19:06:35] [Lew]: where is Governor Solus
[19:06:41] [Sinful Obsession]: MIA
[19:06:55] [King Blackthorn]: That I have heard the rumor that Lord Tazar blames me for his missing daughter.
[19:07:05] [Wreck-It Ralph]: lol
[19:07:07] [Queen Arya]: aye I read that too
[19:07:12] [King Blackthorn]: I was going to refute the charge and offer a reward for her return.
[19:07:17] [King Blackthorn]: However…
[19:07:26] [King Blackthorn]: In light of his, outburst…
[19:07:45] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:07:49] [Queen Arya]: do we have jurisdiction in mals?
[19:07:52] [King Blackthorn]: I hereby issue a warrant of arrest for Lord Tazar.
[19:08:03] [Queen Arya]: do we have jurisdiction in malas?
[19:08:14] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:08:24] [Galathan]: *looks at Lew*
[19:08:29] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:08:30] [King Blackthorn]: Britannia’s borders may not extend into Malas, however, our arms do.
[19:08:41] [FallOut]: *whispers* There is a dead man in the courtyard
[19:09:10] [Queen Arya]: I know this falling waters
[19:09:11] [King Blackthorn]: Tazar is a wanted man. I have ignored his charges of Tyranny out of respect for our…
[19:09:14] [King Blackthorn]: Dissagreements.
[19:09:32] [King Blackthorn]: However, the murder of a governor and an assassination attempt on the crown cannot be ignored.
[19:10:25] [Lew]: *feels a little light headed*
[19:10:30] [King Blackthorn]: I wish to thank Lady Arya for her wonderous gathering in Jhelom today.
[19:10:41] [Queen Arya]: blushes*
[19:10:43] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:10:43] [garbon]: aye ty
[19:10:45] [Sinful Obsession]: Pfft
[19:10:48] [King Blackthorn]: A fun time was had by all, including myself.
[19:10:49] [Queen Arya]: was fun sire
[19:10:53] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:12:13] [Queen Arya]: thank you
[19:12:17] [King Blackthorn]: She has also donated two trumpets and two cello’s to the Britannian Baric Collegium.
[19:12:22] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:12:24] [King Blackthorn]: *claps*
[19:12:27] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[19:12:27] [Grizzly Adams]: disarm
[19:12:28] [Arturos]: *nods to Jolicia*
[19:12:34] [Jolicia]: *nods to Arturos*
[19:12:37] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:12:47] [King Blackthorn]: Dr Hawk.
[19:12:54] [Dr Hawk]: governor yosef is dead.
[19:13:05] [King Blackthorn]: an arrow?
[19:13:06] [Andrasta]: *looks shocked*
[19:13:06] [Undertaker]: disarm sir
[19:13:07] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:13:07] [Dr Hawk]: i had found a note in his pocket
[19:13:10] [Dr Hawk]: *nods an arrow*
[19:13:14] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:13:18] [Dr Hawk]: there was an arrow in his head
[19:13:20] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah’ll disarm when yer disarm
[19:13:24] [Queen Arya]: eeew
[19:13:27] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:13:29] [King Blackthorn]: He gave his live protecting his King.
[19:13:30] [Grizzly Adams]: we are the kings guards
[19:13:32] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:13:33] [Grizzly Adams]: you are not
[19:13:34] [Lew]: My liege, are you sure he was aiming at you?
[19:13:35] [Dr Hawk]: *nods*
[19:13:37] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:13:37] [Beldin Brightaxe]: if yer guards allow a governer ter be slain in this place
[19:13:41] [Dr Hawk]: it body should be moved to minoc
[19:13:42] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:13:47] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:13:47] [King Blackthorn]: His words were, obvious.
[19:13:49] [Jolicia]: *smirks, glancing at Beldin*
[19:13:49] [Beldin Brightaxe]: then Ah shall nae be withoot me axe
[19:13:50] [Dr Hawk]: by “your” guards
[19:14:11] [Grizzly Adams]: we allowed nothing
[19:14:21] [Dr Hawk]: i shall read this note “meeting notes”
[19:14:24] [Dr Hawk]: for yosef
[19:14:28] [Dr Hawk]: *nods*
[19:14:30] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:14:31] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:14:41] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *glares*
[19:14:49] [Beldin Brightaxe]: yer look like guard ter masael
[19:14:54] [King Blackthorn]: Tonight I would like to start with Lord Lew, he seems injured and I wish to put him through…
[19:14:55] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:00] [King Blackthorn]: As little effort as possible.
[19:15:08] [Lew]: thank you my Liege
[19:15:10] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:12] [aulbrey]: *looks over*
[19:15:18] [Lew]: *sits up*
[19:15:19] [Lew]: *groans*
[19:15:20] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:27] [SunWolf]: Let the former governor of minoc, keep his weapon, he served this crown and done his time
[19:15:30] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:32] [Lew]: i have three things this evening
[19:15:40] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:43] [King Blackthorn]: The dwarf may keep his axe.
[19:15:44] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:50] [King Blackthorn]: Ill no sooner ask him to shave.
[19:15:54] [Grizzly Adams]: very well
[19:15:54] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:15:57] [King Blackthorn]: Than take his axe.
[19:16:07] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *glares at everyone*
[19:16:07] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to the guards*
[19:16:09] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:16:14] [SunWolf]: Or bath
[19:16:19] [Lew]: whe had a shipping mishap in Trinsic Harbor
[19:16:29] [aulbrey]: hey why glaring at me i didnt propose yet
[19:16:30] [Queen Arya]: heh
[19:16:39] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:16:43] [Lew]: so I tasked Soar to have a Lighthouse built for us
[19:16:44] [Lanfear]: Watches Beldin Closely
[19:17:08] [Lew]: Soar sent Eric and Cptn Norrington to Brit to find a good builder
[19:17:09] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:17:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *scratches his chin with his axe haft*
[19:17:28] [Revolark]: *hic*
[19:17:43] [Lew]: after some time they found a firm called B.O.O.B.S and secured a deal
[19:18:00] [Lew]: The building was built, and money exchanged
[19:18:15] [Lew]: this is where my current problems have arrisen
[19:18:36] [Lew]: as I entered the building, to examine the workmanship, the entire structure colapsed on me
[19:18:44] [King Blackthorn]: Oh my!
[19:18:47] [Queen Arya]: yikes
[19:18:50] [Ardwinna]: *Not touching B.O.O.B.S.*
[19:19:07] [A Goddess]: *chuckles at Ardwinna*
[19:19:08] [Lew]: The B.O.O.B.S ran away with our money, and we believe they are hiding somewhere near the city.
[19:19:18] Forul Solum
[19:19:32] [Lew]: The wardens will be searching for them, and justice will be handed out.
[19:19:39] [Lew]: which brings me to the Lighthouse
[19:19:45] [Tom Davis]: i bet there hiding behind blouses
[19:19:45] [Lew]: *looks for Goddess*
[19:19:54] [A Goddess]: excuse me
[19:19:58] [A Goddess]: pardon me
[19:20:02] [Corinthian]: If the militia gets their hands on those BOOBS, they’re finished
[19:20:02] [Lew]: Goddess, can you please pass the king a book
[19:20:06] [Lew]: and the other governors
[19:20:17] [Queen Arya]: ty
[19:20:25] [Tom Davis]: i will milk those boobs dry!
[19:20:25] [Andrasta]: thank you
[19:20:34] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:20:41] [Lew]: Trinsic will be hosting a lighthouse contract competition
[19:20:53] [Lew]: I was hoping that you would be the judge for this my liege
[19:20:57] [King Blackthorn]: I will enjoy looking over the various plans.
[19:21:04] [King Blackthorn]: Sounds like a fine idea.
[19:21:28] [Lew]: Secondly, our quarterly fishing contest will begin
[19:21:37] [Daphnie]: *smiles*
[19:21:40] [Lew]: Febuary 1st through the 14th
[19:21:56] [Lew]: with the usual format
[19:22:03] [Smoke]: please take a seat
[19:22:10] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:22:10] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:22:11] [Wreck-It Ralph]: No english
[19:22:15] [Lew]: saturday the 15th will be the rewards ceremony
[19:22:17] [Queen Arya]: sit down
[19:22:25] [Queen Arya]: ty
[19:22:33] [Grizzly Adams]: disarm plz
[19:22:34] [Lew]: and on that day we hope to announce the winner of the lighhouse comp as well
[19:22:36] [Grizzly Adams]: mam
[19:22:38] [Wreck-It Ralph]: NAhh
[19:23:09] [Lew]: *feels faint*
[19:23:10] [Grizzly Adams]: wreck it ralph
[19:23:23] [Galathan]: .
[19:23:28] [Lew]: thats all I have for now sire
[19:23:31] [King Blackthorn]: We can pause and return to you Lew, if needed.
[19:23:33] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:23:35] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[19:23:45] [Lew]: thank you sire
[19:24:00] [King Blackthorn]: I encourage you to rest, and have Doctor Hawk mind you when he can.
[19:24:05] [Whitefire]: no one is allowed to carry a weapon but the guards here
[19:24:14] [Whitefire]: please disarm
[19:24:16] [Lew]: thank you sire
[19:24:22] [Scribbles]: *gets ready to run and hide*
[19:24:26] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Sunwolf, Governor of Yew.
[19:24:31] [King Blackthorn]: The floor is yours.
[19:24:39] [Queen Arya]: heh
[19:24:53] [SunWolf]: I really don’t have anything to really say.
[19:25:03] [SunWolf]: The Abbey, did a candle lighting service an hour ago
[19:25:11] [SunWolf]: It went well, with around ten people attending
[19:25:18] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:25:26] [SunWolf]: Archery contests is postponed till spring.
[19:26:04] [SunWolf]: Nothing new to report.
[19:26:14] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[19:26:45] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Quacklebush, I hear you are speaking for Vesper this eve?
[19:27:33] [Queen Arya]: sighs*
[19:27:33] [Sinful Obsession]: *pokes*
[19:27:37] [Sinful Obsession]: Q your up
[19:27:37] [Undertaker]: i will ask thee to sit down
[19:27:42] [Lew]: *sigh*
[19:27:52] [King Blackthorn]: It’s almos tlike an artistic dance.
[19:27:56] [Wreck-It Ralph]: LOL
[19:27:57] [King Blackthorn]: *looks across the table*
[19:27:58] [Queen Arya]: heh
[19:28:00] [Quacklebush]: i dont have much to say ur majesty
[19:28:05] [Scribbles]: *smiles*
[19:28:13] [Whitefire]: leave if u cant sit down
[19:28:20] [Galathan]: .
[19:28:32] [Quacklebush]: khaleesi is away investigating the plague
[19:28:48] [King Blackthorn]: Ignore the jester, she is obviously just here for attention.
[19:29:00] [Raina Cold Eyes]: Balinor
[19:29:04] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Expor Flamus
[19:29:04] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Expor Flamus
[19:29:05] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Khaleesi*
[19:29:05] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:06] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:07] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:07] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:08] [Raina Cold Eyes]: you chase the toddler
[19:29:08] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:09] [Balinor]: Yes sire?
[19:29:09] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Expor Flamus
[19:29:09] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:10] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Consecrus Arma
[19:29:11] [Whitefire]: u will not harm the king
[19:29:11] [King Blackthorn]: She is missed.
[19:29:13] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:14] [Balinor]: yes
[19:29:15] [Raina Cold Eyes]: here stands an armed orc
[19:29:16] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:17] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:18] [Sinful Obsession]: Yes she is missed
[19:29:18] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Expor Flamus
[19:29:23] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:23] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Actually I was here to see something exciting.
[19:29:25] [Balinor]: i have been watching him
[19:29:26] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Divinum Furis
[19:29:30] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Divinum Furis
[19:29:30] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:31] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:31] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:31] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:33] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Divinum Furis
[19:29:34] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:34] [Whitefire]: then leave
[19:29:34] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:34] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:35] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:37] [Grizzly Adams]: if yo8u cannot follow the rules
[19:29:37] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:38] [Wreck-It Ralph]: I have not followed through and will leave you guys to your lame meeting
[19:29:39] [Lew]: *looks at empty seat*
[19:29:39] [Grizzly Adams]: then leave
[19:29:44] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Forul Solum
[19:29:45] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Consecrus Arma
[19:29:45] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Obsu Vulni
[19:29:46] [Wreck-It Ralph]: Augus Luminos
[19:29:46] [Wreck-It Ralph]: enjoy being nerds
[19:29:46] [Wreck-It Ralph]: lol
[19:30:05] [the town drunk]: man i miss fel
[19:30:09] [Lew]: *looks confused*
[19:30:14] [Queen Arya]: was thinking the same
[19:30:27] [Tatiana Thorn]: *hides a small smile*
[19:30:43] [Quacklebush]: that is all your majesty
[19:30:49] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:31:00] [King Blackthorn]: I here Vesper is having an influx of goblins?
[19:31:06] [King Blackthorn]: KNow you anything about it?
[19:31:26] [Quacklebush]: yes we are quite found of them
[19:31:30] [Quacklebush]: most of us anyways
[19:31:41] [Quacklebush]: some think they have something to do with the plague
[19:31:48] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:31:52] [King Blackthorn]: Pardon me… one moment.
[19:31:53] [Quacklebush]: but its ill timing i think
[19:31:55] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *grimaces at the mention of goblins*
[19:32:06] [Tatiana Thorn]: *oh my*
[19:32:11] [Lew]: *looks around*
[19:32:18] [Queen Arya]: wow purple gate
[19:32:23] [King Blackthorn]: The hall is now closed.
[19:32:30] [King Blackthorn]: Our little friend, wont be able to return.
[19:32:37] [Queen Arya]: thank you sire
[19:32:47] [Scribbles]: *nods in approval*
[19:32:55] [King Blackthorn]: Appologies Lord Treasurer.
[19:33:00] [King Blackthorn]: Continue.
[19:33:14] [Galathan]: .
[19:33:22] [Quacklebush]: well
[19:33:31] [Quacklebush]: i only wish we settle the goblin isue
[19:33:36] [Quacklebush]: i dont want any harm done
[19:33:38] [Quacklebush]: to our goblins
[19:33:43] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:33:49] [King Blackthorn]: Understandable.
[19:33:58] [SunWolf]: Do you eat the mints off the street Q?
[19:33:59] [Quacklebush]: and realy i just doing my best to fill in here we have much goin on in vesper now
[19:34:22] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Tatiana, the floor is yours.
[19:34:36] [Tatiana Thorn]: well there is not much to report
[19:34:45] [Tatiana Thorn]: the traveling store will be in vesper this coming wednesday
[19:34:54] [Tatiana Thorn]: and we hope to bring plenty of fresh food items
[19:34:58] [Sinful Obsession]: *Smiles*
[19:35:15] [Tatiana Thorn]: *smiles*
[19:35:22] [King Blackthorn]: Peaches I hope.
[19:35:23] [Tatiana Thorn]: skara brae is such a wonderful town
[19:35:26] [King Blackthorn]: I do enjoy a good peach.
[19:35:27] [Tatiana Thorn]: hard to improve
[19:35:32] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh yes sir
[19:35:34] [Tatiana Thorn]: fruites
[19:35:37] [Tatiana Thorn]: fresh meats
[19:35:42] [Tatiana Thorn]: vegetables
[19:35:52] [Tatiana Thorn]: no one should ever be hungry
[19:35:52] [Ardwinna]: *Fresh Peach Cobbler*Yum
[19:35:57] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[19:36:04] [Whitefire]: hmm no fish?
[19:36:16] [Tatiana Thorn]: i was putting that in with fresh meats
[19:36:22] [Whitefire]: hehe
[19:36:49] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Daphnie, the floor is yours. How fares Moonglow?
[19:36:59] [Daphnie]: Moonglow is quite swell.
[19:37:14] [Daphnie]: Strchnos and I have investigated the vine situation for you.
[19:37:21] [aulbrey]: *pulls out her flask and sips*
[19:37:22] [Daphnie]: Turns out it happened to just be some sea weed.
[19:37:26] [Daphnie]: *laughs*
[19:37:27] [King Blackthorn]: *laughs*
[19:37:29] [King Blackthorn]: Oh my.
[19:37:38] [Lanfear]: seaweed can’t grow on land
[19:37:45] [SunWolf]: *raises hand*
[19:37:46] [Lanfear]: laughs back
[19:37:50] [Daphnie]: It sure washed up a plenty on our shores.
[19:37:53] [Tom Davis]: *taps corinthians shoulder*
[19:37:57] [centuria]: …I’m not wasted…
[19:37:57] [Tom Davis]: please pass
[19:38:08] [Galathan]: .
[19:38:08] [Daphnie]: Was everywhere, serpent’s bellies, you name er, we found it there.
[19:38:10] [Lanfear]: not possible
[19:38:16] [Lanfear]: don’t grow on land
[19:38:19] [Corinthian]: pass?
[19:38:27] [Tom Davis]: the flask
[19:38:37] [aulbrey]: me share *laughs*
[19:38:46] [Corinthian]: That was Aubrey and she doesn’t share
[19:38:52] [Tom Davis]: oh
[19:38:55] [Tom Davis]: :9\
[19:39:03] [Tom Davis]: she has cold sore anyways
[19:39:05] [Tom Davis]: NM
[19:39:05] [Daphnie]: Aside from that, we have our fashion show coming up February 16th, Pirate Style at 8 pm.
[19:39:20] [King Blackthorn]: A Pirate theme, Arr!
[19:39:22] [King Blackthorn]: *laughs*

[19:39:31] [King Blackthorn]: Very nice.

[19:39:47] [Daphnie]: We’ve finished the blueprints for Moonglow’s Community Center
[19:39:59] [Daphnie]: and wonder how you’d like them sent.
[19:40:16] [King Blackthorn]: Exellent, have them sent to me and Ill have them reviewed.
[19:40:30] [Daphnie]: thank you your grace, and that is all this evening.
[19:40:31] [Daphnie]: *smiles*
[19:40:53] [Daphnie]: *nods*
[19:40:58] [King Blackthorn]: Is anyone here to speak for Britain?
[19:41:01] [Caspar]: *passes milady a book*
[19:41:10] [SunWolf]: I have one more thing to add, for Yew, sorry
[19:41:18] [Andrasta]: *smiles*
[19:41:19] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Sunwolf*
[19:41:36] [SunWolf]: Spiritwood, south of the Abbey, is being updated slowly
[19:41:48] [SunWolf]: In the few months, the rune libary will be updated
[19:42:05] [SunWolf]: Winterbreeze, sorry
[19:42:17] [Daphnie]: sounds lovely Sunwolf.
[19:42:20] [SunWolf]: It is going to be themede on bringing magic to the Yew area
[19:42:21] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:42:35] [Lew]: Gal, keep an eye on that Bloodguard
[19:42:44] [Galathan]: *nods*
[19:42:46] [King Blackthorn]: Any more on the investigation of the Druids?
[19:42:54] [Ardwinna]: *So nice to see Winterbreeze revitalized*
[19:42:59] [Grizzly Adams]: exit out the gate
[19:43:01] [Galathan]: .
[19:43:02] [SunWolf]: Nothing as of yet, no signs or clues
[19:43:08] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:43:44] [King Blackthorn]: Doctor Hawk said he found something on the corpse of the Governor of Minoc?
[19:44:00] [Dr Hawk]: Yes that i have, called meeting
[19:44:07] [Dr Hawk]: *Takes out bloody meeting note writen by Yosef Of Minoc*
[19:44:12] [Andrasta]: He’s dripping blood on my dress
[19:44:20] [Dr Hawk]: well, this seem to be a long one
[19:44:30] [Dr Hawk]: *Looks down at the first line*
[19:44:36] [Caspar]: *passes a wet knapkin to the lady*
[19:44:41] [Dr Hawk]: “I feel as that i am more of a trade minister then governor”
[19:44:55] [Dr Hawk]: *clears voice and continues to read*
[19:45:07] [Dr Hawk]: “I find the peoples of minoc care more for their trade deal, then the town its self”
[19:45:16] [Dr Hawk]: “But…will not help in the funding of such a deal”
[19:45:17] [Ardwinna]: *Hopes the guards are still grasping for B.O.O.B.S.*
[19:45:25] [Dr Hawk]: well then
[19:45:28] [Dr Hawk]: The next lines read…They seem to be writen in a rush
[19:45:38] [Dr Hawk]: “We have hosted meeting…for an empty room”
[19:45:45] [Dr Hawk]: “tried to host hunts to fund our deal…”
[19:45:57] [Dr Hawk]: should i go on?
[19:46:11] [King Blackthorn]: If the citizens of a city will not work together to fund a trade deal, I see no reason…
[19:46:19] [King Blackthorn]: Why the governor should have to foot that bill.
[19:46:35] [Tom Davis]: how can i help
[19:46:37] [Tom Davis]: raise
[19:46:38] [SunWolf]: Sadly, all governor’s been foot the bill
[19:46:40] [Tom Davis]: the funds
[19:46:40] [Lew]: *chuckles*
[19:46:41] [King Blackthorn]: Let it lapse.
[19:46:45] [King Blackthorn]: *shrugs*
[19:46:50] [Andrasta]: from the beginning
[19:46:55] [Dr Hawk]: ill read a little more
[19:46:59] [Dr Hawk]: *Wipes blood from fingers on robe and continues*
[19:46:59] [Ardwinna]: Aye
[19:47:10] [Dr Hawk]: “The lack of regard from the citizens of Minoc…Is one that is not seen well.”
[19:47:17] [Dr Hawk]: *Turn page over*
[19:47:23] [Dr Hawk]: well…there is more..
[19:47:33] [Dr Hawk]: “They’ve come to expect the Governor to pay for the trade deal out of their own pocket,”
[19:47:42] [Dr Hawk]: “and complain and place blame on them when it becomes inactive” but make no effort to donate,”
[19:47:48] [Dr Hawk]: “or suggest solutions”
[19:47:56] [Galathan]: .
[19:47:57] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Minoc doan huv thae wealth ae some other towns.
[19:48:02] [Dr Hawk]: There is somthing scribbled at bottom
[19:48:07] [Dr Hawk]: “Beldin Brightaxe would like to address at end”
[19:48:16] [Dr Hawk]: what that means i dont know
[19:48:20] [Dr Hawk]: That is all from this note
[19:48:27] [King Blackthorn]: Still, I do not expect the Governors to foot a weekly trade deal for their cities.
[19:48:30] [Dr Hawk]: flips back and forth
[19:48:40] [King Blackthorn]: If the citizens want one, they should help with it.
[19:48:49] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:49:02] [King Blackthorn]: The Crown will not censure a Governor for a Trade Deal lapsing, especially…
[19:49:08] [King Blackthorn]: In such a situation as Minoc.
[19:49:09] [Quacklebush]: i miss something?
[19:49:37] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Brightaxe, the note said you have something?
[19:49:43] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aye…
[19:49:52] [King Blackthorn]: The floor is yours, master Dwarf.
[19:49:55] [Sinful Obsession]: Go on up
[19:50:10] [Lew]: *glances to his right*
[19:50:10] [Tom Davis]: stand on soomething
[19:50:13] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Hail guid folk
[19:50:18] [Sinful Obsession]: *Nods*
[19:50:18] [Tatiana Thorn]: hello sir
[19:50:25] [Lew]: ahh Hail Brightaxe
[19:50:32] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah huv a small proposal
[19:50:48] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ me comments be directed a’ thae Governor ae Minoc…
[19:51:24] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Am Ah ter assume tha’ thae healer is thae Minoc representative?
[19:51:32] [King Blackthorn]: For now.
[19:51:36] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[19:51:46] [Beldin Brightaxe]: as ae lately, oor forges huv been cold
[19:52:00] [Beldin Brightaxe]: seems oor town hus some elflings move tae close
[19:52:12] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ they donnae appreciate dwarf lads chopping doon trees…
[19:52:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: So we be lookin’ fer a supply ae wood fer oor forges
[19:52:32] [King Blackthorn]: Trees are a resource, as long as they are respected.
[19:52:43] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[19:52:49] [Galathan]: .
[19:52:50] [Tatiana Thorn]: master dwarf?
[19:52:57] [Beldin Brightaxe]: me axe respects them.
[19:53:06] [Beldin Brightaxe]: when they make a guid fire
[19:53:08] [King Blackthorn]: Ill not see a revival of Biggering, but I see no problem with harvesting trees.
[19:53:27] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah doan know aboot Biggering
[19:53:30] [King Blackthorn]: Although as my Dwarf knows, coal is a much better fuel for forge than wood.
[19:53:36] [Beldin Brightaxe]: bar me proposal is fer thae folks ae Minoc
[19:53:46] [Beldin Brightaxe]: If they kin supply us wit’ enough wood
[19:54:01] [Tatiana Thorn]: master dwarf?
[19:54:04] [Beldin Brightaxe]: we would pay mightily fer thae resources
[19:54:09] [Beldin Brightaxe]: aye lass?
[19:54:22] [Tatiana Thorn]: i do understand the need for a hot forge
[19:54:31] [Tatiana Thorn]: skara brae is blessed with trees aplenty
[19:54:38] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[19:54:45] [Tatiana Thorn]: i would glaldy arrange some help…….
[19:54:53] [Beldin Brightaxe]: as yer also know…
[19:54:57] [Tatiana Thorn]: for perhaps some guard duty?
[19:54:58] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah am a citizen ae Minoc
[19:55:03] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ a former Governor
[19:55:31] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An perhaps if thae Governor kin find a guid use fer oor payments?….
[19:55:51] [Dr Hawk]: *nods*
[19:55:57] [Dr Hawk]: The wood from minoc
[19:56:00] [Dr Hawk]: for your gold?
[19:56:09] [Dr Hawk]: *looks back at note*
[19:56:09] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aye
[19:56:14] [Dr Hawk]: that is what it looked like yosef wanted
[19:56:21] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:56:26] [King Blackthorn]: I see no problem.
[19:56:52] [Beldin Brightaxe]: This is thae offer ae Kraggen Cor, homeland ae thea dwarf folk.
[19:57:00] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Thank yer
[19:57:03] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[19:57:23] [King Blackthorn]: Lady of New Magincia.
[19:57:24] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *glares smugly at Lanfear*
[19:57:29] [King Blackthorn]: The Floor is yours.
[19:57:31] [Andrasta]: Greetings My Liege
[19:57:43] [Andrasta]: New Magincia prospers
[19:57:43] [Galathan]: .
[19:57:58] [Andrasta]: however there is a new building up in the flower garden
[19:58:12] [King Blackthorn]: Oh?
[19:58:12] [Andrasta]: i was wondering if you are responsible
[19:58:22] [Andrasta]: the owners name is Mesanna
[19:58:43] [Andrasta]: and it is not built on the approved locations
[19:58:49] [King Blackthorn]: A Mysterious name that is… not one I would utter aloud.
[19:59:00] [Lew]: *shivers*
[19:59:00] [Andrasta]: i do not fear it like some
[19:59:20] [Queen Arya]: trys to move chair a lil farther away*
[19:59:20] [King Blackthorn]: She that must not be named, moves in ways even I fail to understand somtimes.
[19:59:21] [Andrasta]: would you know anything about it?
[19:59:28] [Blood Guard]: A temple to a goddess?
[19:59:35] [King Blackthorn]: I will take a look, but as of now, you have me at a loss.
[19:59:41] [A Goddess]: I don’t need a temple.. thank you
[19:59:54] [aulbrey]: *looks over and giggles slightly**
[20:00:04] [Tatiana Thorn]: *glances back*
[20:00:05] [Andrasta]: as Governor I expect to be notified of all new buildings
[20:00:22] [Andrasta]: my thanks
[20:00:22] [King Blackthorn]: Understandably.
[20:00:26] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:00:44] [Andrasta]: at least the courtesy of a letter
[20:00:54] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[20:01:04] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Arya.
[20:01:08] [Andrasta]: i am excited that it is finally February
[20:01:11] [Queen Arya]: looks for a lightening strike from the gods*
[20:01:20] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:01:29] [Andrasta]: i cannot finish?
[20:01:29] [King Blackthorn]: Aye, December and January are very low key months.
[20:01:35] [King Blackthorn]: eaceful, thankfully.
[20:01:38] [Raina Cold Eyes]: Yosef
[20:01:48] [King Blackthorn]: But we begin to get into the meat of the year with the thaw.
[20:01:48] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:01:51] [Queen Arya]: i see dead people
[20:02:08] [King Blackthorn]: Please do Andrasta.
[20:02:13] [Andrasta]: thank you my lord
[20:02:17] [Andrasta]: you did say
[20:02:21] [Andrasta]: that in February
[20:02:36] [Andrasta]: you would be announcing the plans for the other towns
[20:02:37] [Galathan]: .
[20:02:43] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:02:45] [Andrasta]: i am so very excited to hear them
[20:03:00] [Andrasta]: would you need help working that?
[20:03:05] [King Blackthorn]: I fear our Lord Tazar has forced my hand on that front.
[20:03:19] [Galathan]: *gulps*
[20:03:22] [Tatiana Thorn]: *listens intently*
[20:03:27] [King Blackthorn]: The bad will come before the good, however, I will stand by my words.
[20:03:33] [Queen Arya]: sighs* im kill him myself
[20:03:46] [Andrasta]: The other towns await your words
[20:03:50] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:03:51] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:04:03] [Andrasta]: *smiles* that is all i have
[20:04:07] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *glances at the grey figure*
[20:04:09] [Andrasta]: thank you my Liege
[20:04:14] [Yosef]: Can you hear me?
[20:04:20] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lady Andrasta.
[20:04:26] [Shinigami]: *whispers to galathan that he should push for Tazaar for king as he said earlier*
[20:04:30] [Lew]: *looks around*
[20:04:34] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Arya.
[20:04:37] [A Goddess]: *brushes at the air around her head as she mutters about strange whispers*
[20:04:40] [Queen Arya]: aye sire
[20:04:49] [King Blackthorn]: Jhelom has the floor.
[20:04:52] [Queen Arya]: i have several things an will be as quick as possible
[20:04:52] [Yosef]: What world am i suck in?
[20:04:59] [Queen Arya]: scribbles
[20:05:07] [Queen Arya]: come forward
[20:05:12] [Queen Arya]: sire
[20:05:20] [Queen Arya]: I would like to formally introduce
[20:05:27] [Queen Arya]: sir scribbles
[20:05:36] [Scribbles]: a pleasure sire
[20:05:37] [Queen Arya]: he was the person to hold
[20:05:41] [Queen Arya]: the fel event tonight
[20:05:47] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[20:05:51] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps*
[20:05:55] [Queen Arya]: and we were hoping to hold
[20:06:03] [Queen Arya]: a capture the flag event
[20:06:13] [Queen Arya]: in the future
[20:06:25] [Queen Arya]: it will take some time
[20:06:29] [Queen Arya]: to put together
[20:06:30] [Yosef]: *Feels Cold*
[20:06:42] [Queen Arya]: but I thought he should be recognized
[20:06:44] [King Blackthorn]: I find that a bagball is a good tool to use in such games.
[20:06:46] [Revolark]: *shivers of a cold breeze*
[20:06:51] [Queen Arya]: for his part in the events tongiht
[20:07:00] [King Blackthorn]: I was actually at the fall of the house in Felucca this evening.
[20:07:06] [King Blackthorn]: It was quite the fiasco.
[20:07:09] [King Blackthorn]: In a good way.
[20:07:11] [King Blackthorn]: *laughs*
[20:07:11] [Scribbles]: *smiles*
[20:07:12] [Queen Arya]: heh aye twas
[20:07:12] [Tatiana Thorn]: *laughs*
[20:07:22] [King Blackthorn]: Well done Scribbles.
[20:07:24] [King Blackthorn]: *claps*
[20:07:27] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[20:07:27] [Scribbles]: thank you sir.
[20:07:30] [Galathan]: .
[20:07:31] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps again*
[20:07:34] [Queen Arya]: thank you scribbles
[20:07:34] [Raina Cold Eyes]: *claps* for scribbles
[20:07:38] [Queen Arya]: was fun
[20:07:40] [Andrasta]: *claps*
[20:07:42] [Queen Arya]: second
[20:07:45] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:07:46] [Queen Arya]: sire
[20:07:53] [Queen Arya]: i had a talk
[20:07:56] [Queen Arya]: with an orc
[20:08:02] [Queen Arya]: just outside ur gates here
[20:08:10] [Queen Arya]: one of the many rounds
[20:08:12] [Queen Arya]: i made
[20:08:16] [Queen Arya]: brought me to your man
[20:08:21] [Queen Arya]: D’hardt
[20:08:27] [Queen Arya]: also
[20:08:28] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Fabian?
[20:08:38] [Queen Arya]: i was wondering how fares Lady amandine
[20:08:43] [Queen Arya]: these things
[20:08:51] [Queen Arya]: need not be addressed tonight
[20:09:00] [Queen Arya]: but we are leary of them
[20:09:05] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Amandine is developing well, I believe she is due sometime in July.
[20:09:10] [Queen Arya]: I wanted you to be aware
[20:09:13] [King Blackthorn]: At least that is what she tells me.
[20:09:16] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:09:24] [Queen Arya]: ah
[20:09:41] [Sinful Obsession]: Whos the father?
[20:09:56] [King Blackthorn]: That isn’t a polite question, nor is it any of my business.
[20:10:01] [Caspar]: *eyes quirk*
[20:10:05] [Tatiana Thorn]: *giggles and looks at king blackthorn?*
[20:10:06] [Queen Arya]: and ur man D’hardt
[20:10:26] [Sinful Obsession]: *Smiles*
[20:10:31] [Yosef]: *Feels trapped between realms*
[20:10:32] [King Blackthorn]: What of him?
[20:10:34] [Queen Arya]: we over heard some things
[20:10:46] [Raina Cold Eyes]: !!! can only llamas see him?
[20:10:48] [Andrasta]: really?
[20:10:52] [Queen Arya]: just wanted you to be aware of it
[20:12:19] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Fabian is part of a very old Britannian family, his methods can be harsh though.
[20:12:19] [Ardwinna]: *Shouldnt the Kings Guards know their way around B.O.O.B.S?*
[20:12:20] [Caspar]: Truth is better then rumors
[20:12:32] [Queen Arya]: hmm
[20:12:42] [Shinigami]: The kings guards are boobs
[20:12:43] [Sinful Obsession]: *Smiles*
[20:12:47] [Caspar]: *shudders*
[20:12:50] [Queen Arya]: and last
[20:12:54] [King Blackthorn]: I have censured him several times, due to brutality.
[20:13:00] [Lew]: ahem
[20:13:01] [Queen Arya]: ah
[20:13:02] [King Blackthorn]: He is on thin ice, as it were.
[20:13:13] [Queen Arya]: thank you for that
[20:13:14] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:13:16] [King Blackthorn]: However, his actions in the Tokuno isles are to be commended.
[20:13:26] [Queen Arya]: oh?
[20:13:36] [King Blackthorn]: The Kingsguard isn’t the friendly side of the realm. Sometimes things must be done…
[20:13:36] [Galathan]: .
[20:13:40] [King Blackthorn]: Quickly.
[20:13:54] [King Blackthorn]: As the situation in Tokuno warrented.
[20:14:02] [Queen Arya]: I see
[20:14:11] [Queen Arya]: last
[20:14:12] [King Blackthorn]: The Xorinite had to be stopped, and quickly.
[20:14:13] [Blood Guard]: They weren’t too quick if that scoundrel Tazar got away.
[20:14:19] [Caspar]: Sometimes too quickly..*smirks*
[20:14:25] [Ardwinna]: word
[20:14:34] [Yosef]: *Headache*
[20:14:41] [Raina Cold Eyes]: Do you see him now?
[20:14:46] [Whitefire]: yosef
[20:14:47] [Raina Cold Eyes]: Yosef?
[20:14:50] [Queen Arya]: aye
[20:14:55] [Queen Arya]: last thing
[20:14:55] [Tatiana Thorn]: *glances over*
[20:15:00] [Queen Arya]: the Blood Moons
[20:15:16] [Queen Arya]: as daphinie stated there isnt anything in glow
[20:15:21] [Queen Arya]: possible
[20:15:24] [Queen Arya]: the shipping lanes
[20:15:28] [Queen Arya]: r so busy there
[20:15:32] [Queen Arya]: tore up the vines
[20:15:36] [<71398266>Blood Guard]: it’ll take at least 3 hours for anyone to find their way through.
[20:15:41] [Queen Arya]: but there is still word
[20:15:51] [Queen Arya]: the vines are affecting young children
[20:15:57] [Queen Arya]: and small creatures
[20:16:05] [Queen Arya]: I would ask your permission
[20:16:06] [Queen Arya]: sire
[20:16:13] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:16:17] [Queen Arya]: to keep in contact with silcius
[20:16:20] [Queen Arya]: the astronmer
[20:16:27] [Queen Arya]: and watch for warnings
[20:16:31] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:16:35] [Queen Arya]: of these coming blood moons
[20:16:39] [Queen Arya]: thank you sire
[20:16:42] [Queen Arya]: that is all
[20:16:53] [King Blackthorn]: At this time is there anyone who wishes to speak for Britain?
[20:16:56] [<21845087>Yosef]: WHO KILLED ME!
[20:16:59] [King Blackthorn]: This may be your only chance.
[20:17:10] [<19979015>Spree]: ribit
[20:17:12] [King Blackthorn]: To speak without Solus speaking for you…
[20:17:16] [King Blackthorn]: *rolsl his eyes*
[20:17:17] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Where is Solus?
[20:17:20] [Queen Arya]: heh
[20:17:21] [King Blackthorn]: * rolls too*
[20:17:23] [Tatiana Thorn]: *giggles*
[20:17:26] [A Goddess]: Free Britain!
[20:17:31] [A Goddess]: oh err.. i’m Trinsic
[20:17:32] [A Goddess]: sorry
[20:17:37] [Corinthian]: I’ll have one!!!
[20:17:38] [SunWolf]: No Briain citizens in the city attends the meetings?
[20:17:39] [Sinful Obsession]: MIA
[20:17:44] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[20:17:58] [King Blackthorn]: In closing, the Orc’s known as the Blood Chosen.
[20:18:05] [Shinigami]: Jo scared of Solus’tyrany to show up and say anything
[20:18:12] [King Blackthorn]: Are to be treated with respect, I encourage you all to speak with their Chief.
[20:18:14] [aulbrey]: i thought tazar was a citizen of britain *shrugs*
[20:18:24] [King Blackthorn]: See what sort of person he is, and see if he is a friend, or an enemy.
[20:18:30] [Galathan]: .
[20:18:50] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Respect an’ orc donnae gae tergether
[20:18:52] [King Blackthorn]: Ill not judge his whole race. But I am interested if there has truly been a change in the Orcs.
[20:19:07] [Queen Arya]: hmm
[20:19:08] [King Blackthorn]: If so, maybe there can finally be some dialog.
[20:19:17] [King Blackthorn]: If not, we may have to prepare for war.
[20:19:32] [Queen Arya]: Jhelom is ready
[20:19:37] [King Blackthorn]: *stands*
[20:19:46] [King Blackthorn]: Long Live Britannia!
[20:19:48] [Yosef]: Hello? *feels cold*
[20:19:51] [Daphnie]: hip hip
[20:19:52] [Tatiana Thorn]: *smiles*
[20:19:52] [Tom Davis]: *claps*
[20:19:53] [Lew]: *groans*
[20:19:57] [Tatiana Thorn]: Long Live Britania
[20:20:01] [Lew]: *looks to Gal*
[20:20:05] [Galathan]: *helps lew up*
[20:20:11] [Yosef]: *Feels trapped between realms*

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