[NEWS] In Defense of Katt’s Beer

March 17, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News

I saw the call come out in general chat for assistance in Britian.  Seems Katt was having trouble at the taverns in town.  Now why Katt was at a tavern I am not sure, however she seemed very insistent.  I collected my dragon and headed off to Britian to see what the problem was.  There was a huge problem.  The pubs were under attack!!

We defeated these “party poopers” as they were called, only to be greeted by this monstrosity.
A Mega-Mecha Party Pooper!!!  Let me tell you he was to.  Here are pictures of the battle…
And finally he was defeated….
Oh did I mention there was one of these for all 4 taverns in Britian.  So we saved the taverns and the beer and were however very well rewarded with some good company afterwards!!!
A big thanks to EM Troubadour for putting up with all of us on this St. Patricks Day!!!

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