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Dark and curious, he gazed at as from the center of the stage. Listening quietly he explained he was a guide from Ilshenar. Having been hired by a treasure hunter named Callie, they were exploring. That’s when it went terribly wrong.

They had an agreement that they would meet back at Britain Moongate in case of Emergency. Two scrolls, a simultaneous cast, or so he thought. That wasn’t what happened. Two weeks… that’s how long had passed between his seeing her and his request for help. A request for which we all agreed to answer. A woman, fitting her description was seen at the Deuce’s Vinculum Inn just north of the Honor Moongate. Description etched in our minds of the Blonde haired huntress, we set out.

One fortune teller named Phoebe, several patrons and a few bottles of booze to loosen tongues and we had our answers. We stumbled across some information at the beloved memorial of Gwenno and were informed that Callie was on her way to Karnaugh Pass. Had she made it?

As it happens, Callie had never made it as far as the pass. We found her surrounded by Cyclopean Guards a sickly shade of green and brown circling her frail form as it was tethered within the Cyclopean camp. What had turned them this color? Was it a poison? A fungus? We didn’t have time to answer. One by one they fell at our hands until all that was left was their leader. He looked as though he had crawled out of the abyss itself and though it wasn’t a quick fight, we managed to dispatch him. Gently, we untied Callie and delivered her back to her guide. Notes strewn the floor of the Cyclopean Camp. And Questions, strewn just as equivocally across our thoughts.

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