[News] Drachenfels Teleportation Hub!

March 10, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Drachenfels Teleportation Hub!

Original Post by Gilmour


Hello Everyone.
We have been working hard on carrying our latest ambitions out in the lands of Sosaria.
.. Now It is here!
Introducing the Drachenfels Teleportation Hub found in New Magincia on the plot formerly known as SE-1, just of the center of the playertown that is New Magincia.

With this hub you can reach community places on drachenfels, currently holds 5 teleporters, but we hope it will expand in future. Our limit is 21 teleporters.
On each teleporter is a book with name of the destination, and deco on a pedestal to give you clues where it is heading.
You too can get Your establishment linked in this hub. Please read the book locked down at the entrance and post on bullitin board if you are interested.
Greetings The Knuckleheads

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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