[News] Death Of A Werebear

February 11, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

When the Knights gathered for muster Thursday night, it was generally assumed that we would be tracking down Rieb Adre and Tarra Edels, the parents of the dire bear cubs we had disposed of during our last mission.  Therefore it was somewhat unexpected to be told that Father Simon had asked to speak with us.  With a few more brief words, Lady Amandine sent us on our way.

As we arrived at Ye Olde Winery in Yew, Father Simon came out to greet us, thanking us for taking care of the cubs. Momentarily distracted by a comment that I didn’t catch, the Father was quickly reminded of why we were there. He told us that he had sent word to Lady Amandine as he had just received a letter from Rieb Adre. It read:

Fr. I am sorry for the crimes committed against your flock. Please forgive me. – R.A.

The Father explained that he had spoken with the messenger who delivered the letter and confirmed that it was indeed from Rieb, and that he was in Vesper looking for work.  We were told to try the butcher shop in Vesper. Father Simon then sent us off with the final comment “He is a good man, just… troubled.”

Entering the Butcher’s Knife in Vesper, we were disappointed to find that Rieb was not there; although it quickly became obvious he wanted us to find him, as he had left a note for the Knights.

Should any Crux Ansata find this, I need your help. Gone to Skara looking for work. – R.A.

Though there was no sign of Rieb himself in Skara Brae, within minutes we discovered an unsigned letter of recommendation for one Rieb Adre in the Ranger’s Guild. It was addressed to the Mayor of Cove. It seemed as though Cove would be our next stop.

Finally, in the small guard tower on the northern edge of Cove, we found Rieb Adre. Visibly upset, Rieb explained his condition to us, how he was cursed, but through no fault of his own.  Realizing that we knew about Tarra, Rieb explained that she had left him. “She found me weak because I would not prey upon humans… My prey are deer, hinds… bears. My curse does not take away my humanity.” We were told that he had been cursed for many years, but he was unable to control it then as he could now.

The conversation turned to the murders in Yew as Rieb explained that he had arrived too late, that he had found the bodies after it was done. He told us sadly that he had been a fool to trust Tarra, and that she had found a new mate, and a new lair. By tracking her movements, Rieb told us, he learned that she and her mate had been attracted to the recent activity at the dungeon Wrong. No mercy was to be shown to her, for she was a monster.

“We will meet again Crux Knights… If you survive.”

The Knights quickly cleared new lair of cubs before being attacked by a large male, presumably Tarra’s new mate. He put up a fight, but being vastly outnumbered, he was soon killed. The cries of her dying mate had attracted Tarra, now known as Adrelstaer the Bloody, who attacked without a moment’s hesitation. The battle was long and Adrelstaer’s hunger seemingly unsatiable as she tore through warriors, mages and pets alike. It was not before she had murdered dozens of Knights that she finally succumbed to death, and her reign of terror finally ended like a wave being drawn back to the sea. Like the sea though, there will be many more waves to come, and we will be ready when they do.

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Knights of the Crux Ansata

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