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There was drama brewing in the council chambers before Sunday night’s Conseil Du Roi had even begun. Governor Solus of Britain was heard offering ten million gold to any who assisted him in arresting Governor Lew of Trinsic; claiming that he was a danger to the realm and that the news of Trinsic that would be heard that night would prove it to all. He asserted that it would be done regardless of whether or not he had the consent of the King, and even attempted to solicit the aid of the Emerald Trading Company.

Shortly thereafter, King Blackthorn entered the chamber, and the meeting commenced. He announced that it would be a short meeting, and began by stating, in regards to the actions of Governor Solus, that if one wished to keep something a secret from their King, plotting in front of the Lord Dupre and Lady Amandine is not wise. He then issued the following proclamation:

“Governors are hereby immune to arrest and imprisonment, unless sanctioned with an arrest warrant, signed and sealed by the Crown.”

The second matter that the King addressed was the recent hunt of the white fawns. He noted no reports of sightings of any more of these creatures, and hoped that the White Hart and Hind remained unharmed. As for Aleksandre Biggering, he was ordered to be arrested and detained in Yew prison. King Blackthorn requested that any citizen who may find Biggering is to alert Governor Norrington of Yew so that he may be imprisoned for his crimes.

Next the King brought up the issue of the newest threat against the cities of the realm. It was brought to light that artifacts discovered on the captains and minions in these attacks carried armour and weapons bearing the crest of the Lady Minax. It did not take long for accusations to fly against Governor Solus, which he quickly refuted.

The final matter that the King presented was regarding Trinsic. He requested of Governor Lew a full briefing on the situation, from the beginning.

“Earlier this day I was notified of a problem in Trinsic; one of our Paladins was sick and refusing treatment. We called in Dr. Hawk from the ERT to assess him, at which point he proclaimed the man cursed. He quickly jumped out a window and ran about biting and scratching citizens. After several minutes of this behavior he quickly jumped back up and attacked our citizens again, however this time he was an undead creature. Several have been sighted and dispatched in our city sire. We believe we have destroyed them all, but we have the city on lockdown.”

The King, taking such an epidemic seriously, stated that he would he would work with suppliers in Britain to have supplies sent to Trinsic. Governor Solus declared that Britain would not aid Trinsic, and that the city should in fact be purged. He also had the audacity to call the King a fool and ranted at how the plague would spread across the realm, decimating the forces attempting to fight back the invasions. Ignoring him, King Blackthorn gave Governor Lew full recourse to do what he needed to in order to answer the threat in the city, and promised that the supplies would get there.

As Governor Solus continued to argue, Governor Khaleesi spoke up, wishing to alert the King to Sheon’s recent visit to Vesper. She spoke of how the sky seemed to rain wisps after a recent sighting of the White Hart, and how Sheon had come one to and engulfed them. She said that Sheon had spoken of the Time Lord, and of Scales and Balances. To this, the King gave a warning:

“I feel it a necessity to remind everyone, and warn everyone in relation to the Time Lord. In spite of our dear and absent friend Lord Wellings and his connection to the Time Lord, the Time Lord is not, our friend. The creature known as the Time Lord is an impartial and balancing force in our world. He swings both ways, both for Britannia… and against it. Be mindful in your dealings with him… her… it.”

With that, the King started addressing each Governor as usual, starting with Governor Norrington of Yew. Governor Norrington began by bringing the actions of a rogue monk to the attention of the Council. The monk Xandor has both committed murder and attempted to bomb buildings in Yew while assisting Lady Minax. He also brought up an interest amongst the citizens to have a tavern built within the city in the future.

Next to be given a chance to speak was Governor Khaleesi of Vesper. Her first item was regarding Doctor Hawk, whom Vesper had contracted to be their physician, as well as help all of Britannia. The Doctor received much praise for the acts of compassion he has already demonstrated. Second, Khaleesi brought up the request of the Emerald Trading Company for protection within the walls of Vesper, as well as the offer of their assistance in combating the forces of Minax. Finally, she mentioned how the city of Vesper had requested a Virtue, and asked if she may present his Majesty with a petition, which he accepted.

Then there was the Lady Lioness Heart, who was once again filling in for Governor Sage of Skara Brae. Skara Brae had nothing to present the King at this meeting. Though saddened by the cancellation of the festivities in Skara Brae, the reasoning behind the decision was understood.

Governor Tazar of Moonglow had three items for the King. The first, regarding the plan to update the teleport hub in the center of the city. While the plans were going well, the Landscape Architect, Thomas Evergreen, has disappeared. Governor Tazar announced should he not reappear, Moonglow will host a quest to find him on Saturday the 2nd at 7pm eastern. Second was the announcement that there have been no further incidents of Grave Robbing to report. The third item was some concerns of the people that have been heard regarding the recent declaration of the King annexing all player townships. Many of the towns lie outside the Realm of Britannia in the lands of Malas, Tokuno, or Ter Mur and are subject to other monarchs, and even those within Britannia are concerned about Taxation without Representation. While understanding the concerns of the citizens, the King stated that he must ask for patience in this matter for there is much more information that needs to be released. Once all it known, then there can be debate if needed.

Next was Governor Lew, who appeared vaguely ill. He announced that with the help of Skara Brae, the city of Trinsic would be hosting a night of fun after the meeting, and gave details. Secondly, the Governor mentioned that Trinsic would once again be holding a fishing competition during the month of November with the same rule set as the previous one. Having been asked about having the winning fish mounted in the castle, the King wished to comment, saying that if the winning fish was brought to him already mounted, he would have it hung in the castle. Governor Lew’s final note was the forming of a guard, known as the Trinsic Wardens.

Governor Alexander expressed on behalf of his citizens their thanks for the Medical Supply Units that have been set up around the city. He also wished to announce that the city of Jhelom would be hosting a tournament and asked that every Governor and town participate. He would update all with details soon.

Governor Andrasta of New Magincia first wished to thank King Blackthorn for the new office. Second, she stated that though the city was holding its own during the invasions, they are hurting the trade for the market stalls. The city would do their best to hold out, but they cannot offer much assistance. Governor Andrasta’s third item was also regarding the annexing of the player townships, to which she received the same answer as Governor Tazar.

Governor Zhuge of Minoc simply stated that the city was too busy fighting the invasion forces to worry about small issues at the moment, and had nothing to present.

King Blackthorn then turned his attention to Doctor Hawk, affirming that he had heard much of the Doctor and his efforts from not only the Governors, but the Lady Amandine as well. He then asked Doctor Hawk to take a knee, and made the following announcement:

“I King Blackthorn of Britannia, hereby bestow an honorary Knighthood to Lord Hawk. And name him Sir Hawk, High Physician of Britannia. Your efforts, past and future are not unnoticed among your peers… or your King.”

Amongst the applause and cheers for the Doctor, the King could be heard saying that Governor Solus had said enough that evening, and the meeting stood in recess.

Long Live Britannia!

Long Live The King!

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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