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The third and final meeting of the Governors of the Founding Council got underway last Sunday night, despite the absence of Lord Beldin Brightaxe of Minoc, who was represented once again by Lord Zhuge, and Lord Sage of Skara Brae, who was represented by the Lady Lioness Heart.

Lord Blackthorn began by personally thanking the Governors for their service, and encouraging them to run again. He also announced that he could be petitioning the Court Artisans to create portraits of each of the Governors to recognize their service to both him and the realm.

Getting down to business, Lord SunWolf of Yew had nothing new to comment on aside from announcing the next archery tournament, scheduled for the first Tuesday of September.

Lady Khaleesi of Vesper reported that the city had earned proceeds from both their tavern night and their carnival, totaling five million gold. She stated that should she not gain reelection, the gold would be in the fund for the new Governor-Elect. The Governor of Vesper then requested a Protection Act for the White Hart that has recently been spotted roaming near both Vesper and Skara Brae.

“The White Hart, a sacred and holy creature. By my command, King Blackthorn of Britannia, I hereby declare the White Hart under direct ownership of the crown. Any sport hunting or general disruption of the creature is to be considered an act of Treason. Poaching of the White Hart will be punishable by Forfeiture of Titles, Confiscation of Wealth…  And Death.”

The King then called upon Skara Brae. Lady Lioness Heart mentioned that the city had requested trash cans to be placed at the bank to keep the city litter free, and they were hoping to have them put in place if possible. Though it would seem that in the matters of trash collection, the King was unable to help. The Mayor of Skara Brae, Galdor, also wished to present the King with a gift; a manuscript discovered in a far off land that they hoped would be fitting for the King’s library.

Lord Tazar of Moonglow had three topics to address. The first was a recommendation to commemorate the Governors, though the King was already a step head. The second, Lord Tazar claimed must wait, as the timing was not appropriate. The third topic that Governor Tazar wished to bring up was a review of the actions of Lord Solus, the Governor of Britain. Lord Tazar claimed that as Lord Solus has failed in many of his recommendations, that he felt that Britain was too large a city for one Governor to handle, and propose that the city be divided into three parts; North Britain, South Britain and East Britain. King Blackthorn then asked Lord Solus for his response, and the Governor declared that the city has prospered, and become safer. Buildings have been renovated, there were funds outmatching any city, and they boasted the best guard in the lands.

This spurred comments from Lords Tazar and Lew of being accosted by the guards, to which Lord Solus demanded proof and claimed that they were speaking lies, claiming that ‘Britain leads the land in every category… There has been no reason to doubt Britain.’ King Blackthorn then admitted that while we may not agree with the methods used by Lord Solus, Britain has remained both safe and prosperous. While he would seek to dissuade the Governor from being so harsh, he would let the people decide during this coming election.

Next to speak was Lord Lew of Trinsic who had two issues to bring up. First he called forth Trade Minister Soar to speak of Trinsic’s fishing competition:

“Greetings Your Majesty, Ladies and Lords. Earlier this month the Fishing Competition came to conclusion in Trinsic. The city of Trinsic would like to once again extend its congratulations to all winners, and our sincere gratitude to all those who donated resources and time to make it happen. The grand winner was the skilled and seasoned angler, Flair! Governor Lew has the fish for you, sire. A yellowtail of 198 stone. We would like to request the Kings’ permission to continue this event at regular intervals. We were thinking once every four months. … We can take care of the book work and organization, but would be grateful for any support with prizes from our sister cities. All credit for donations will be announced widely of course, it is the very least we can do.”

King Blackthorn congratulated Flair and announced that the winning fish would hang in his study. In regards to continuing the event, King Blackthorn’s only wish was that the area around the castle remains free of overfishing, as he himself enjoyed the sport now and then.

The second item Lord Lew brought up was the request of a few citizens who travel great distances to be at the meetings. Since these distances make it difficult for them to be in attendance on the night the meeting is scheduled, they requested the meeting be moved a day earlier. The King replied that he would consider it and converse with the next council, though Sunday evening has worked wonderfully to this point.

Lady Willow Smythe of Jhelom also had two items to bring up. The first was the mention of a possible Ball in an effort to give back to those that put the Governors in their seats. Secondly, she spoke of how important people’s time is to them, and that it seemed strange to have the Governors call speakers up when they themselves were present. She stated that it wastes the time of both the people and the King. In response, King Blackthorn suggested that it be left to the preference of the Governor whether they wish to address an issue themselves, or call on a petitioner. “It is a fine thing including as many people as possible in the process.”

The next to be called was Lady Andrasta of New Magincia, who began with a speech.

“Good Evening My Liege, Lords  & Ladies, Guests & Citizens, I am happy to report that The City of Magincia has reverted to her peaceful prosperous ways with the ending of the Blockade. As far as I know the Citizens of Magincia have only one complaint… The Treasury sits at less than 10,000 gold pieces because the King’s Tax Collectors still take much gold from the City and there are no new improvements to please the populous. Take heed Great King, continuing to take high taxes from our people without some return on their toil will cause you trouble down the road.”

The King replied that he has a great respect for the city of Magincia, and understood that as Governor, Lady Andrasta’s finances are a concern for the people and their needs. He assured that the fact that the city was rebuilding was not lost on him, and that he had been told in private that his dismissal of her at the last meeting may have been harsh. In response to the needs of the city of Magincia, the King then granted a six month cessation of taxes on New Magincia by 5%.

Lady Andrasta also wished to invite the citizens of the realm to two events. The first was to be the Final Gathering Feast which was held on August 28th at Blackthorn’s Castle. The second event is the annual Goodman’s Rune Library Memorial Service. It will be held on September 2nd at 7:30pm EST on the Magincia Beach.

Next was Lord Zhuge, who was filling in for Lord Beldin. Lord Zhuge announced that there was nothing on the agenda for Minoc, though he wished that there was. In response, Lord Blackthorn encouraged him to stand for election, as he has been attentive to the city of Minoc and refused to let it go unrepresented.

Finally, it was the turn of Lord Solus of Britain. Firstly, the Governor addressed his attire for the evening, claiming it to be symbolic and stating that things cannot always be explained in one sitting. He spoke of what he has accomplished as Governor; ensuring the treasury is always full without needing donations from the citizens, buildings having been renovated, having guards trained to protect them. Then he began to speak of how the entire realm suffered from a plague. One which Lord Solus called humanity. He stated that this plague has wrecked the lands for a long time, and insisting that he made no threats nor that he was speaking for himself, but he claimed that Britain was working to ensure that “we survive to ascend to the future.” Lord Solus claimed the future holds many gifts for us all, to be free from death, illness and crime. He hoped that others would join Britain in attempting to achieve this goal. “The time…will be soon. … But sometimes we must shed the thing we call flesh. Only in time of course.”

King Blackthorn responded by speaking of a book he had once read in the Grand Britannian Repertory Library in Tokuno. It was of a man who started as a lowly citizen and rose to power, but in the process, he lost himself and everything else that could be lost. The King then cautioned Solus for the path he was taking and for the thoughts he was allowing to run through his mind. Lord Solus proceeded to assure the King that he would be fine, and that it would be up to each and every one of us to decide if our ‘ascension’ would be painless or destructive.

After the ramblings of the Governor of Britain were finished, the Crown called upon the Lady Sofia Elias of Nujel’m. He asked if there was anything the Crown could do to for its neighbours. The Lady Sofia politely declined to speak, stating that she could not rightfully speak for the governing body of the island. Allowing Lady Sofia to retake her seat, the King then called forth the goblin Ozog Giantfart of the pitmuck mob. After introducing himself, the goblin announced that he was there to see if the pitmuck might establish an outpost here, but needed to see how tolerant the people would be. The King’s reply was thus:

“Your representation of your race here this evening has been most gracious Master Goblin. As King it is no secret that I respect all races. We are all members of the same world. … I assure you master Goblin that the people of Britannia will welcome your kind with open arms. And many of her cities would welcome the activity you would bring. All I ask is that you maintain an effort to respect our own rules and culture as you do your own.”

The Lady Khaleesi then spoke up, claiming to have neglected an announcement. She stated that the city of Vesper has been in communication with the Emerald Trading Company, and that the next caravan on September 4th would be from Britain to Vesper.

With that, the King thanked everyone for attending the meeting, and speaking to the Governors, he encouraged them to continue their service.

Long Live Britannia!

Long Live The King!

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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