[News] Baja Shard Olympics Results

November 24, 2013 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Saturday, November 9, 2013, the Baja Shard Olympics for 2013 were held.  The event was hosted by Natalya and sponsored by Brooklyn, Governor of Trinsic.


The first event was Mage Poker, which was held in one of the farms on the Northern Jhelom Island, Trammel.  The goal was to match the five summoned creatures that Natalya had summoned herself.  Those creatures were two grey wolves, a llama, a pig, and a snow leopard.  The first mage to do this was Sugar, who earned a Voodoo Doll and an engraved Golden Wizard’s Hat.  Llamas and snow leopard were the stubborn summons for this event.




The rest of the events took place in Felucca.  The first event there was Capture the Flag.  Participants were required to remove all armor, jewelry and clothing.  The contestants were then placed into two teams by Natalya.  Team Order with a white flag (cloak) wore blue robes and was made up of Sally of [email protected], Sugar, and Laura of UTB.  Team Chaos with the black flag  wore red robes and was made up of Old Man of UTB, Mama Faith of AFK (No one seemed surprised when she was placed on this team), and Missey.  Each team had to hide their flag in their set of crates.  The winner of the round was the team that killed all the members of the other team and captured their flag.  After many flying explosion potions, some wrestling, and a few death robes, Team Chaos won the best out of two of three rounds.  For their efforts, they each received a barbed runic sewing kit.






From there we moved on to Cartel Island (Horseshoe Island, Felucca), where the rest of the events took place.  Up next was the Footrace, which was a single elimination race through a maze of wooden crates.  Of course, being in Felucca, an additional non-lethal tactic was available to the contestants *coughs*Stamina blocking*coughs* and the course was modified between rounds.  At the end of three rounds, the winners were:


1st – Chareos of Stormguard – Engraved Gold Platemail Legs

2nd – Mama Faith – Engraved Bronze Platemail Legs

3rd – Missey – Engraved Silver Platemail Legs




The last event was the Drunken Barrel Race, another single elimination contest.  For this contest, the contestants were assigned an alcoholic drink – wine or liquor – that they had to find six of and drink them all the fastest.  After many bottles of each, a lot of *hics*, and thoroughly drunk contestants in three rounds, the winners were:


1st – Sugar – Engraved Gold Mempo

2nd – Sid of Kingdom of Dawn – Engraved Bronze Mempo

3rd – Mama Faith – Engraved Silver Mempo



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