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April 01, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

“It is nice to know that Britannia and the Meer are still friends.”

Dasha, a Meer warrior, spoke to the crowd gathered around her.  She spoke of how the age old meddling of the timeline had affected her people. How some remembered their friendship with Dawn and the meddling of Adranath, but how for others, it was as though the last few years had never happened. We were told that things appeared to be similar with the Juka. Dasha continued to explain how some of her people had changed and now wished to exterminate the Juka, and that while not many, some of the Juka sought peace with the Meer.  We were also told that more numerous than those seeking peace were those that wished to eliminate the Meer, which brought us to the problem at hand.

These renegade Juka were being led by an old enemy of Dasha’s, The Warlord Kabur, and were attacking the Meer incessantly. They had been tracked to three possible locations and were to be a part of a coordinated attack upon them. It was much to my surprise to hear that Sir Hethe Idem had offered to help and he, along with the Fellowship, would also be a part of this attack. The plan was thus: A group of Meer, led by Dasha, would attack the first location, the Fellowship the second, and we were to attack the third, the Serpentine Passage near Mistas.


We came through the gate Dasha had provided and immediately jumped into battle with the renegade Juka and Kabur Guards. It was slow going, but we pressed forwards at a relatively steady pace. At one point  during the battle, a knight in dark armour joined the fray shouting about how Kabur and the mysterious knights have united and cannot be defeated.


 The mysterious knight came at us, savagely cutting at all in his path, and his cries of “NOW YOU WILL  ALL FEEL THE WRATH OF THE MYSTERIOUS KNIGHTS!” resonating in the air.

A short time later we were also joined by some of the Fellowship knights who helped us finish off the renegade Juka. As the last of the Juka fell, a Dark Paladin emerged, but we were prepared and he was dispatched without too much trouble.

“They were… Prepared.”

Dasha had rejoined us after the battle, exhausted and frustrated. She told us that Kabur had not been found, that he had known we were coming. We were directed to a book a little ways north of where we were standing, and told that it may be of interest to us. With that, Dasha took her leave to go rest.

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Knights of the Crux Ansata

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