[NEWS] A Dangerous and Slimy Caravan

March 06, 2012 By: Tertius Wands Category: Chesapeake News

A Wiggly Caravan

February 29,2012

At 8pm on a Wednesday night folks gathered to help Sons of the Sea Guild Master Santigo move canned Golden Tuna Paste from the Sons of the Sea by the Trinsic Docks to Britain. Santigo was worried that with all the recent unrest there would be threats to the caravan. Almost as soon as the caravan left the gates of Trinsic raiders beset the caravan and were soundly repulsed. Sadly this was the first of many waves of raiders. As the caravan finally reached the outskirts of Britain Santigo took a wrong turn and headed towards the coast instead of heading towards Britain. At the beach Santigo noticed a foul smell. Whether or not the smell was the fish paste we were transporting or the strange green waste staining the beach and languishing along the water only the trained nose of Santigo could detect. Santigo found worms in the Golden Tuna paste. After complaining about using cheap canning services he declared the whole batch a waste and in a fit of anger threw the worm into some of the greenish goo on the beach. This proved to be a disastrous decision as what was once a small worm formed into a huge mutated worm beast and proceed to attack the caravan guards. It oozed acid and its terrible screams slowed and distracted all those attempting to slay it. After a long and hard fight the worm was killed and its body acid eventually soaked into the sand allowing the victors to get close to it. The Tuna being worthless it was decided to return to Trinsic, but unbeknownst to all those assembled a large force of raiders was just behind them. After dispatching them and returning to the Sons of the Sea Guild Hall the caravan dispersed. There was no answer to the question if this tied in to the feud between the nobles of Baron Caleb of Trinsic and Lord Cauthon of Britain. Of course Santigo did mention how it was clear to him that the waste must have come from the Britain sewers being unmanned in the current troubles. It remains to be seen what effect if any this issue will have between Britain and Trinsic and what effect the strange goo will have.

Photos Courtesy of Emma Silvermane of RBG

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