Napa vs. Catskills Treasure Hunt Showdown Results

November 15, 2011 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Napa vs. Catskills Treasure Hunt Showdown Results!

Kai Schober

15 Nov 2011 11:50:06 EST

One week ago, Napa Valley took on the currently reigning champion, the Blue Beetles from Catskills.  The battle was Tuesday (11/08) at the Nujel’m Chessboard on Test.

Both sides ran into trouble on their very first chest.  Neither side could find the correct location for a long time.  But eventually Catskills found their chest and pulled ahead of Napa.  Catskills continued to lead throughout the rest of the competition allowing them to win and keep the title of Champion Treasure Hunters for their shard! 

Congratulations to the Catskills team!  And a great job goes out to the Napa team!

Napa Valley  – Team DC: Clod, Alimony, KronKiller, Chelsea, and Amoniel
Catskills – Blue Beetles:  Dr Sucio, Underpants Gnome, Arwen, Llewen, Faerlyght and Hasselhoff

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