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Several Sonoma players have teamed up with the crew at UORADIO.COM and are working on establishing a town for all of our facilities. The town is located in the Orc Fort west of Umbra (33°8 N 1°28 E Malas). Some of our facilities include a bank, the Bates Motel, Foxxie’s Club & Casino, Killa Fighting Chickens Arena, Market and Emergency Services, an Information Center, Deal or No Deal Studio, plus Mums’ Munchies Cafe along with other facilities outside the walls.

We are looking for creative minds to help us come up with a great name that will be used in our submission for township. This name needs to incorporate the buildings within the fort as well as our commitment to our community with events.

Our rules are simple:
1. Due to the rules we cannot use UORADIO.COM in our town name.
2. Our name must be clean and appropriate
3. If name has already been submitted, the first participant that enters that name will be credited for that submission.

You can enter more than one name, or submit more than once if something comes to you at a later time. Once the event closes, the staff will gather at our weekly meeting and discuss each name. From there we will choose, as a group, the best three. Once we are down to three names, we will then open final voting where each of you will have a chance to vote on the final name.

The winner will have their name posted on a plaque at our information center which will remain there for the length of our town and 25 MILLION UO GOLD donated by Lord Nabin, our wonderful Sonoma Benefactor and friend.

*DISCLAIMER: We have the right to reject any entry that does not follow the rules. The prize of 25 MILLION GOLD will ONLY be delivered on Sonoma, but anyone is able to participate in the Name that Town contest.*

To enter, click the following link to fill out the form with your ideas.



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