Mutated Purple Frogs?

June 11, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

A shocking report from the shores of Vesper have locals on edge as a mob of mutant creatures invaded the city and surrounding area.  At least four different mutant creatures were encountered including a mutant water elemental, a mutant sea serpent, a mutant kraken and several mutant frogs.

 Early reports from Armondo Pascal had the mutants on the move toward vesper just a night before but unable to follow due to injury Armondo retreated to the comfort of healers.  Despite the pain from his earlier encounter Armondo led a group to investigate the matter more thoroughly and as he suspected the mutant creatures had occupied nearly every island that makes up Vesper.  The group led by Armondo took action and after a lengthy struggle the mutants were eradicated from the city.

When the dust from the battle had settled Armondo was nowhere to be found.  However, a Vesper town official by the name of Dupre had witnessed the effort to free the city and desperately thanked the group for their efforts.  Dupre pleaded with the group to continue their efforts in hopes of finding a possible source of the mutants.  As search parties combed the surroundings of Vesper a rather shocking discovery was made.  Though there is no evidence of a direct connection between the discovery and the mutant creatures its a more then plausible explanation to assume the Mythical Sea Dragons may have had a role with the mutations.  Watch your local town criers for more information regarding the ongoing investigation.

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