MOA Decked Out For The Holidays

December 04, 2011 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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It will not be long and Santa will arriving on Great Lakes, just a few weeks away. I stopped by the MOA Ice Castle this evening and to my joy it is already decorated for the season. In the past this is one of Santa’s favorite stops. All the good boys and girls, even the naughty ones, get gifts.  I have not heard from Pratt which day the fat jolly one will arrive but when I do I will let you know.


Entrance to MOA Ice Castle



I see a chair set up. Maybe it is for Santa.





Even the rooftop of MOA Ice Castle is decorated


MOA holds auctions every thursday night at their auction house.  Gates are provided before and during these auctions at major banks with Luna Mint being a sure bet. I stopped by the auction house after my trip to Ice Castle and sure enough the auction house was decorated for the holiday also. I have classes on thursday evenings so it has been a long time since I have attended one of my favorite player run events. Hopefully I can put on a holiday party frock and attend one in the next few weeks. I have to see Santa for sure !


MOA auction house decked out



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  1. Santa arrives December 15th and Majestic Oaks Auction. There will be a brief auction with lots of trivia, the 12 days of Christmas give away tradition and Santa gifts of course at the castle along with a bit of a feast there. Malachi and Elizabella have both been invited and we hope to see many of our Great Lakes friends there!