Greater Bracelet of Binding

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Greater Bracelet of Binding

By Petra Fyde from information provided by Poo of Sonoma

This item, introduced at the 14th anniversary in 2011, is a first year veteran reward.

The bracelet functions in the same way as the Bracelet of Binding obtained from Red or Black Solen Warriors, allowing instant transportation between wearers of the bracelet.

The greater bracelet allows up to 10 bracelets to be linked to it. These can be other greater bracelets or normal solen bracelets.

The context menu of the bracelet shows the names of the other linked characters.

How it Works

  • A green dot beside the name indicates that the character is online.
  • A single click on the name will transport the wearer to that character.
  • Clicking the X will remove the link.
  • Linked characters, clicking their own bracelets, will be transported to the greater bracelet wearer.


  • Functions only in areas where the gate spell can be cast (ie not in Ilshenar, Felucca Lost Lands or Felucca Dungeons)
  • Does not function on Siege Perilous or Mugen shard.


Last modified: December 16, 2011

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