14th Year Veteran Reward Transfer Shields

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Non transferable shields which will generate one non-transferable transfer token per month redeemable for a transfer to the shard represented by the shield.

Shard Transfer Shields FAQ

Q. When first claimed, these are in deed form. Is the deed transferable?

A. No

Q. Can the deed be used by anyone?

A. No its account bound

Q. Can the shield be re-deeded?

A. Yes, use ‘I wish to release this’. Do not chop with an axe or double click

Q. Can the deed be transfered after re-deeding?

A. No.

Q. Do you choose which shard when claiming the deed or placing the Shield?

A. Claiming the deed only, choose carefully and make sure that’s the shard you want.

Q. Can you change which shard the shield represents when re-deeding?

A. No.

Q. Does the Shield have to be in a house or can it be used from the bank box?

A. Yes it does have to be locked down in a house

Q. Does that have to be a house you own?

A. No, it can be a house you’re friended or co-owned to

Q. Can the owner of the house use the shield?

A. No only the shield owner but the owner can redeed it.

Q. Can the shield be transfered to another player?

A. No.

Q. Can the tokens be transfered to another player?

A. No.

Q. Can the shield be transfered to another shard with its owner?

A. Yes

Q. How often are tokens generated?

A. Once per month per active accounts

Q. If unclaimed, do the tokens stay on the shield, accumulating, or are they lost?

A.Up to 10 tokens
Q. Can I transfer with loaded pack animals?
A. No you can not
Q. Can I transfer seating on an ethereal mount?

A. No you can not be mounted

Q. Can the shields be used to transfer from Siege Perilous or Mugen shards?

A. No, on those shards shields are decorative only

Siege and Mugen shields are decorative only.
Transfer to and from these shards is not possible

Mugen Siege Perilous

Arirang Asuka Atlantic Baja Balhae

Catskills Chesapeake Drachenfels Europa Formosa

Great Lakes Hokuto Izumo Lake Austin Lake Superior

Legends Mizuho Napa Valley Oceania Origin

Pacific Sakura Sonoma Wakoku Yamato



Last modified: November 29, 2011

3 Comments to “14th Year Veteran Reward Transfer Shields”

  1. Question: Can any character on the account use the tokens or must it be the same one each time?

    For example: A character (Jeff) moves from GL to Origin taking with him several tokens back to GL. A character created on Origin (Pat), on the same account is given a token to GL. Pat then uses the token to get to GL for the first time and takes over the slot vacated by Jeff.

  2. Joyce Charke says:

    Question: Does the first account with player using tokens going to another shard need to have an available character slot on the same account while visiting the other shard?

    EG: Sonoma Account character wants to visit Atlantic but the Atlantic Account has 7 characters. Can the Sonoma Character go to Atlantic?


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