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How to Employ a Steward
By Petra Fyde and Frarc, August 2012

Based on the 14th Anniversary reward mannequins, these differ from the traditional vendor or barkeep in that they can be re-deeded. This difference is vital for the way they function.
Deeds are obtained from the Clean Up Officers in exchange for 10,000 clean up points, listed after the Archery Butte in his menu.
The Steward can be placed by an owner or co-owner in public a home and requires 1 vendor slot and 125 lockdowns (regardless of whether the Steward’s pack is full or empty)
Menu Options
The context menu for the steward contains the following options:

  • Open Paperdoll – allows you to dress your Steward as you would a vendor or your character.
  • Customize Body – offers a choice of male or female and human, elf or gargoyle.
  • Rename – allows a name of up to 20 characters
  • Set Keyword – also allows 20 characters and can be a single word or a short phrase.
  • Open Backpack – opens the steward’s back pack
  • Switch Clothes – works exactly like the same command on a mannequin, exchanging all equipped items between your character and the steward.
  • Rotate – turns the steward in a clockwise direction in increments of 45º
  • Redeed – converts the steward back into a deed in your back pack along with any equipped items.

How does it Work?
Items can be placed in the Steward’s back pack singly or in bags. Each character using the keyword while in range of the steward will be given one of the items, or one of the bags of items. ‘An item has been placed in your backpack’.

The keyword can be said alone, or included in a sentence.

Example: The steward’s pack is filled with books for a scavenger hunt. The key word has been set as ‘book’. If a participant in the scavenger hunt says to the steward ‘Give me a book please’ he will receive one of the books from the steward’s pack.

The steward will only interact with each character once per day. Server maintenance or re-deeding will re-set it. Changing the keyword will not.

Possible Uses
There are endless possible uses, but here are a few suggested examples.

  1. Place the Steward at the entrance to your shop and fill the bag with shop runes. Name it ‘ask me for a rune’ and set the keyword as ‘rune’. Each customer can only take one rune.
  2. Write books with lists of scavenger hunt items to collect for a player/guild event. Each contestant can take one book
  3. Fill bags with items to be used in a player event. Each contestent can take one bag.

Last modified: August 21, 2012

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